Online Bible for Children, Read Bible Stories with Free Websites

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The article talks about online Bible for children, read Bible stories with free websites. On these websites, you can find Bible lesson plans under different categories. You can read old and new testaments which include different chapters chronologically.

Though, you can read the children’s Bible online, but if you wish then you can download the PDF to read later. There are hundreds of topics where you can read details like the creation, death, and resurrection of Lord Jesus. A few of these websites let you change the language. You can read different version and origin of the Bible.

It is quite nice that through these websites you can make your children read the Bible. Also, you can read Bible stories with cartoon images. Children will surely find it fun to read. You can read online sermons as well.

Let’s read the online Bible for children with free websites.

Bible for Children

online bible for children

As the name suggests (Bible for Children) is a free website that offers Bible for children. On this website, you can read the Bible in different languages like Chinese, German, Russian, etc.

When you visit the website, it shows the categories of Bible stories. You can read stories under old testaments, new testaments, and pilgrims program. Each category consists of a few Bible lessons. It covers around 60 Bible lessons in old and new testaments and a few parts in Pilgrim program.

You can read stories in colorful, black and white PDF. Besides that, you can read Genesis, Exodus, Matthew, Luke, John, Chronicles, etc. Also, you can download PDFs to read them later.


Online Bible for Children

SuperBook is a free website to read the Bible for children. This site lets you watch Bible videos and episodes. You can play Bible games and generate questions and answers related to the Bible.

You can read the Bible stories manually. The interesting thing about this website is that it shows a profile, overview, videos, etc. Also, it generates questions and answers based on a specific story. You can move from one story to another. All the stories can be read by Genesis, Exodus, Mark, etc.

The children’s Bible

Online Bible for Children

The children’s Bible is the sorted website. It can be the best choice among the online Bible for children. You can find out several chapters on this website to read.

The website displays the topics under old and testaments. It covers hundreds of Bible lessons under both the testaments. From the beginning to the ending, it lets you read everything related to the Bible. Besides that, you can read the Bible in different languages, versions, and commentary.


Online Bible for Children

DLTK is another website where you can read the Bible for children. On this website, you can plan lessons for the Bible. Here, you can read lessons alphabetically or in order of the Book Bible.

There are several lessons under old and new testaments. You can read the bible from the creation of Adam and Eve to the death and resurrection. The website lets you read other lessons plan such as the Angels of the bible, heaven, church, and respect.

First Cry Parenting

Online Bible for Children

First Cry Parenting is the website where you can find a sorted collection of the Bible stories. You can find 20 stories to read.

The stories are set chronologically. Here, you can read the Bible stories with the overview, origins, and the detailed story. There are topics like creation, Adam and Eve, David and Goliath, John the Baptist, resurrection, etc. Children can read it to know the main stories of the Bible.

In brief

There are various versions of the Bible available online. But here, I have covered those websites where you can find the Bible for children. Reading the kid version of the Bible, children can take more interest in learning moral subjects. Because here, they get to read with adorable cartoon images.

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