4 Free Secure and Encrypted Email Services for Better Privacy

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In this post, I will talk about 4 free secure and encrypted email services for better privacy. These services provide you a secure mailbox where you can keep your private emails without any fear. All the emails that you send are end to end encrypted and some of these websites not even log your IP addresses to track you. Some of the following services let you send confidential emails that can be only viewed after typing a password. They offer all the basic features that every other email service out there offers. However, the free version of some of these services are somewhat limited but good for individual use.

Privacy over internet seems to be myth these days. And one of the reasons behind this is that people don’t know about the right services for social media, emails, instant messaging, etc. And when it comes to emails, then a major group of people use Gmail. Even though Google Claims that they don’t read your emails, but they have access to your Gmail inbox. And that is where the following services come into the picture that I have listed below.

All the services in the below post don’t have access to your emails due to end to end encryption. And if you lost your password to your secure mailbox then these services will not be able to recover your mailbox. So, make sure that you keep the password safe and never forget it. You can send the emails in the same way as you send in other services. Compose emails, specify a recipient, attach files and a subject line. After that, send the email and receive emails. Simple as that.

Free Secure and Encrypted Email Services for Better Privacy

4 Free Secure and Encrypted Email Services for Better Privacy:


ProtonMail free secure and encrypted email service

ProtonMail is one of the best free secure and encrypted email services for better privacy. In the free plan, it offers you 500MB of storage and with daily limit of 150 emails. Here it lets you create a desired email address having “protonmail” domain and then you can start sending and receiving emails. The interface ProtonMail is similar to Outlook. You can see all the incoming emails on the left side and then corresponding preview on the right. You can reply to emails and then do whatever you want. The service is very secure and open source. There are no ads at all to bother you as they earn money from paid accounts only. And on top of that, ProtonMail is open source so if you want to peek into its code then you are free to do so.

One of the very nice feature ProtonMail is that it is anonymous email. There is no personal information like alternate email address or phone number required to create your email account. Also, it doesn’t keep the IP logs which may be linked to your anonymous email account. If you want a very secure email account for you and then I will suggest you to use ProtonMail. It is fast, simple, and no doubt very secure. Your email can only be read by you and your privacy will be safe with it.


Tutanota free secure encrypted email service

Tutanota is again a totally free and open source secure encrypted email service for you to try. If you want you can inspects it code base which is available on GitHub. Just like the above service, it offers you a dedicated mailbox that you can use to send and receive email on the go. The best feature of this secure email service is that it offers confidential emails. In confidential email, you can type an email body and then encrypt that with a password of your choice. After that send that email to desired recipient and the end-user will receive a link rather than the email. That link will lead to a Tutanota page where the email can be decrypted using the password that was used to encrypt it. Also, the end-user can reply to that man if he has the decryption key.

The look and feel of this email service is normal and you can easily use it to send and receive an email. While signing up, you just have to specify desired username and then it will create an account. No personal information will be asked during the sign-up process. After getting your mail box, you can start using it. Simply type your email and send it to anyone you want. And if you want to send secure email, then first activate the “Confidential” option from the mail composer window and then specify the corresponding password.


Mailfence free encrypted email service

Mailfence is another free encrypted email service that allows you to protect your privacy. In the free plan, it offers you 500MB of storage for email and 500MB space for documents. In addition to that, it offers you 1000 dates calendar with 1 group and two factor authentication. The emails you send are end to end encrypted and you can create and manage your PGP keys from one place. It uses PGP encryption to encrypt your email and send them. And it offers SMTP, IMAP, POP, and mobile access. You can set up in an email client and then manage your emails like a pro. And apart from just secure emails, it offers other features too. Here you will get calendar to manage your personal events and meetings.

Getting started with this service is very simple. Just create an account on the website and reach your mailbox. It takes care of the keys creation and email encryption by itself. After getting to the main interface, you can start sending your emails. You use the built-in calendar to manage your personal tasks and meetings and then do whatever you want. All the features are similar that I have explained for the above services.



Msgsafe.io is yet another free encrypted email service for you to use. In the free plan, it offers you 1GB of storage but you can only send 25 outbound emails. In addition to that, it allows you to make 150 forwards per day. It has a very clean and distraction free interface that you can use to read and send emails. The emails are end to end encrypted so anyone listening in between the channels will not be able to read your emails. One of best feature of secure email service is the email path analyzer. If you receive email from unknown contact then it shows you the location on the map from which the email was sent. Each mail you receive in the Msgsafe’s inbox has a flag assigned to it so you will know from which country, it was sent.

Just sign for this service using the above link by choosing a desired email address. After that, it will take you to the main interface where you can start sending the emails to anyone you want. And if you receive any email in the mailbox then you can analyze it using the email path analyzer tool of the service. It will sketch the full path of the destination and source from where the email was generated. All the other features of the service are the same that I have listed for other services in this list. You can use it easily using its online version of the dedicated Android and iOS apps.

Final thoughts

These are the best free secure and encrypted emails services that you can try to protect your emails. Also, these will be helpful if you don’t want anyone to snoop in your email that you send over less secure networks. All the services that I have listed above help you protect your privacy too. All the emails are end to end encrypted so don’t have to worry that someone will seize your email in between the channel. If you are looking for some free encrypted email services then this post will show 4 of them that you can use today.

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