5 Best Free PDF Metadata Editor Software

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Here are 5 best free PDF metadata editor software. Using any of these software, you can edit the PDF author name, creator, PDF title, producer, and PDF subject. Some PDF metadata editors also come with the feature to add or edit keywords as well as change creation and modification date of PDF file.

You will find some other interesting features also. For example, you can export metadata information of PDF file, add metadata to multiple PDF files together, change page layout, and more. When PDF metadata is edited and saved, you can use any PDF metadata viewer software to check if everything is good.

Let’s begin with the first free PDF metadata editor software.


BeCyPDFMetaEdit- interface

BeCyPDFMetaEdit is one of my favorite software when it comes to editing metadata information of PDF files. It lets you change the title, subject, add or edit keywords, change author name, producer, creator, and creation and modification date.

Apart from this main feature, this PDF metadata editor software lets you change page layout, show/hide toolbar, menu bar, edit, add and remove bookmarks from PDF. So some useful extra options are also available in this software.

Once you have added a PDF file, you can use tabs available on its interface to edit metadata and set other options. When you are done, you can either overwrite the original file or create a new file that will contain the new metadata information.


Calibre software to edit pdf metadata

Calibre is a very popular eBook management software and it supports a lot of eBook formats (ePUB, Kindle, HTML, LIT, Text books, etc.). The good thing is that it also supports PDF files and lets you edit metadata of input PDF files. You have the choice if you want to edit metadata of only one PDF at a time or multiple PDF files. If you use bulk edit metadata feature, then same information will be added to all PDF files.

You can add PDF tags, publisher, created and published date, languages, and rating as PDF metadata information. When the PDF files are added, you can use “Edit metadata” button to add or change metadata information.

This software also has an interesting feature that I like a lot. It can automatically generate PDF cover in just a single click. If your PDF file doesn’t have any cover, this feature will be useful.

Edit PDF Metadata

Edit PDF Metadata- interface

Edit PDF Metadata software is also a handy software that can help you change four to five important information related to PDF metadata. It lets you edit or change PDF author, title, add keywords, producer, and subject. You can also seach for a particular keyword(s) in PDF metadata and then replace it with other keyword set by you. Creation and modification date can’t be edited using this software.

Apart from editing this metadata information, it has two great features that you will like. First, it lets you export PDF bookmarks as XML file and second you can export PDF metadata as tab delimited text file. Later, you can import that metadata file to automatically fill the metadata information in your PDF file. So if you need a simple metadata editor software that can also export and import metadata information, then this software is definitely useful.

It lets you add multiple PDF files and the list of all those files is visible on the left side. The right side of its interface is used to show the metadata information of selected file as well as edit the metadata. One by one you can edit metadata of all those files and then apply changes to all or selected files in one shot.

Note: This software applies changes directly to the original PDF file. So you should be careful before applying the changes. Or else, you must first export the metadata information so that you can import it if something gets wrong.

Hexonic PDF Metadata Editor

Hexonic PDF Metadata Editor- interface

Hexonic PDF Metadata Editor (homepage) has features similar to Edit PDF Metadata software, which is mentioned above. This software lets you add PDF subject, author, title, creator name, producer name, keywords, and subject. You can use this software completely free for non-commercial use.

Option to search and replace keywords and add creation date and modification date is also available, which is not present in Edit PDF Metadata software. You can also edit metadata of multiple PDF files together, but only the same metadata information can be added if you have to edit metadata of multiple PDF files at once. In terms of features, this software is a bit better than Edit PDF Metadata software. Still, both software have their own importance.

You can also use this software to export and then later import the metadata of PDF files. You can export PDF metadata as an XML file.

PDF Info

PDF Info- interface

PDF Info is also helpful to edit PDF metadata with ease. Using this software, you can change author name, producer, creator, PDF title, subject, and add keywords to input PDF file. It doesn’t come with option to change creation and modification date, but it has options to change PDF page layout (two column, single page, or one page) and page mode. This software also adds changes to original PDF file directly, so don’t save changes unless metadata is edited correctly.

Some other information related to PDF, such as total number of pages available in PDF, last modified date, paper size, PDF is encrypted or not, etc. So it can also be used as a basic PDF metadata viewer.

Other options like hide toolbar, display document title, hide menu bar, etc., are also present, but those are not a part of this free software. Checking or unchecking any of these options will simply open a webpage pointing to some other software. So it is good to simply avoid these options. The rest of the options are useful that you can use to edit PDF metadata.

Its full is also available here.

The Verdict:

These are my best picked free PDF metadata editor software. You can try any of these software and add changes to your PDF metadata information. I have already selected my favorite software in this list. It is BeCyPDFMetaEdit software. Its simple interface and ability to edit so much metadata information makes it my favorite PDF metadata editor software.

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