10 Best Free Online URL To QR Code Generators

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Here are 10 best free online URL to QR code generators. When you need to share URL of your website or some other important webpage URL as QR code, then these websites will help you. You can save the QR code as PNG or JPG image. All these websites are quite useful to generate static QR code (which can’t be edited but shared with anyone without any limit). Some websites also provide the feature to create dynamic QR code (which you can edit later anytime and store online).

Apart from online URL to QR code, these websites have interesting features also. For example, you can preview the QR code in real-time and generate text to QR code, phone number, WiFi password, SMS to QR code, etc. A few unique features like save QR code as PDF, SVG or EPS file, get HTML code, use different templates, change internal and external eye color for QR code, add an image in QR code, etc.

So, let’s check these free online URL to QR code generators one by one.

QRCode Monkey

QRCode Monkey interface

QRCode Monkey is a very interesting online URL to QR code generator. It lets you create URL to QR Code and then save it as PNG, PDF, SVG, and EPS file. You can also set QR code quality easily by moving a slider. I am highly impressed with its features. Apart from the main task of generating QR code from webpage URL, its unique features make it better than many other websites.

You can upload your own image to add in output QR code, add color in QR code, set the background color, change body shape, eye frame shape, and eye ball shape for QR code.

Some predefined QR code templates like Facebook, Dot, Mosaic, Coffee, Ninja, Rain, Classic, Twitter, etc., are also available to use. You won’t find such features in many other URL to QR code generator websites. Therefore, this is perhaps the best choice.


Unitag website

Unitag has a direct competition with QRCode Monkey website. It is so because almost all the features that are available in QRCode Monkey are available on this website. You can add an image in QR code, attach some other image as QR code logo, use predefined templates, select any of the available modules and eyes for QR code, set external and internal eye colors for QR code, and choose a background color. I simply like all these features. The output also comes quite good. Only a few times, the output didn’t work for me. I believe it also depends on the type of colors, eyes, background image and other factors. Otherwise, this free online URL to QR code generator is simply awesome.

Using this website is also very easy. First, enter the website URL, choose a template or use the default template, and other options available on the left side, and then generate the output QR code. You can also preview the output. Finally, you need to click on Download button to get the output. Your output is saved in a zip archive as PNG image. While generating the output, you can also save the HTML code of QR code.

Bulk QR Code Generator

Bulk QR Code Generator

As its name suggests, Bulk QR Code Generator (Homepage), is very helpful to convert multiple URLs into QR codes. You can create 100 QR codes at once. You just need to enter webpage URLs (one URL per line), and then a separate QR code is generated for each URL. After that, you can save each URL one by one (by right-clicking and selecting save image as option). To download all the QR codes in one go, you can simply click on download zip file option. This website is fantastic when you have to generate a lot of QR codes from different webpage URLs.

One more unique feature of this website is it also creates a CSV file which stores all the input URLs. By default, the QR codes are saved as PNG image but you can change the output format to JPG or SVG. Apart from that, it lets you set border in blocks, set error correction level for QR code, and set font size (small, medium, big, bold, etc.). I am highly impressed with this URL to QR code generator website.

QR Code Generator

QR code generator interface

QR Code Generator (Homepage) is also a very good URL to QR code generator website. It comes with the feature to set background and foreground colors, set border width (0-10), error correction level (Large, Medium, High, etc.), and size for output QR code. After that, you can save your QR code as SVG, PNG, JPG, or EPS file. While adjusting options for QR code, you can also preview it, which is very helpful to see how your QR code looks. You can also create QR code for storing some text, phone number, geolocation, SMS, event, email, vCard, and more. All your QR code data remains encrypted and not stored on the server.

Just enter the website or webpage URL and live preview for QR code is visible. It also provides HTML code for embedding the QR code to your website. So, all features are pretty awesome and therefore it is one of the best free URL to QR code generator websites.


the-qrcode-generator website interface

the-qrcode-generator.com is one of my favorite URL to QR code generator websites. The reason is you can use it to create Static as well as Dynamic QR codes. To generate a static QR code, you don’t have to create an account. For Dynamic QR code, you need to log in to your Google account and then you can store QR codes and edit them later also.

Generating a QR code using URL is also pretty easy. Enter the website URL, preview the QR code, and then you can save QR code as SVG, JPG, or PNG image. Apart from that, you can also use this website to add text, contact, phone number, or SMS to QR code. I like this website because of its user-friendly interface and interesting features.

QR Stuff

QR Stuff QR Code Generator

QR Stuff (free version) has a straightforward purpose, which is to generate QR code from a URL of your choice. Additionally, you can also change the color of QR code with any of your favorite colors. The generated QR code is saved as PNG image on your PC. You can use it to create static QR code in the free version. Dynamic QR code support is a part of the paid plan.

There are some other features also available like change QR code dots color, corners color, shape, etc., but all such features can be used with the paid subscription. Still, I will say the free version of this website is good enough for URL to QR code generation.

QR Code Generator

QR Code Generator- interface

QR Code Generator (Homepage) is also helpful to create QR code with a URL of your choice. It lets you create a static QR code for free. Dynamic QR code (that can be edited later) feature is also there but it is available with paid plans. Still, the free plan of this website is good for personal use as you can create as many URL to QR codes as you want, without signing up.

Once the QR code is generated, you can preview it on the right side. After that, you can download QR code as JPG image. Apart from this, it lets you get the HTML code for QR code that you can embed to your own website or somewhere else. Other features like save QR code in SVG or EPS, change QR code background color and foreground color are also present but not in the free plan.

Free QR-Code Generator

Free QR-Code Generator website interface

Free QR-Code Generator (Homepage) lets you create URL to QR code, text to QR code, phone number, SMS, Tweet, WiFi, etc., to QR code. Using this website is also simple. Just enter the webpage URL and it will show output QR code preview. You can save the QR code as PNG image. HTML code of QR code can also be copied to the clipboard for later use.

This URL to QR Code generator website also helps to set some options for output. You will be able to set correction level (medium, low, quartil, or high), background color, make background transparent, set DPI, size for QR code, etc. I like all the features and easily recommend this website to you.


kaywa qr code website

Qrcode.kaywa.com is a very simple website in this list for URL to QR code generation. In its free basic plan, you can create a static QR code and save it as PNG image on your PC. You won’t be able to save QR code directly using PNG option. You need to right-click on the output QR code and select save image as option to get the output.

There are other features also like to create dynamic QR code, store QR codes for later use, add a design in QR code, etc., but all are paid features. However, the free version is handy to quickly convert URL to QR code.


qrd.by qr code generator

Qrd.by is the simplest online URL to QR code generator. Once the QR code is generated, you can save it as PNG, EPS, SVG, or PDF file. HTML code is also provided that you can copy and save to PC.

You can also create a free account to get more features. For example, you can create static or dynamic QR codes, set QR code correction level, secure QR code with https, etc. If you don’t want to create the free account, then simply enter webpage URL and generate QR code in PDF or other supported formats.

You may also check this list covering best free QR code generator software here.

The Conclusion:

So, these are my 10 best picked free online URL to QR code generators. All URL to QR code generator websites are very good. Still, if I talk about features, then QRCode Monkey and Unitag are the most useful websites. I like the features to add an image to QR code, use templates, set the background color, etc. Try these URL to QR code generators and share your experience with me using the Comments section below.

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