5 Free Online HTML Validator Websites

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Here is a list of 5 free online HTML validator websites. These websites let you add HTML files and validate them with just one click. The website displays the number of errors and warnings in your HTML file if there’s any. They also suggest you the reason behind each of the error and warning along with the ways to fix them.

As for adding the HTML file content is concerned, then you can do it easily by uploading the file, adding URL, or by copy and pasting it. All of these websites allows only these three methods. So let’s get started with each of these websites one by one.

1. W3C HTML Validator:

W3C HTML Validator

The very first HTML validator in the list is from W3C (World Wide Web Consortium). It lets you add HTML containing file by adding URL, uploading from PC, and by copy-paste. While uploading any file, you can also choose character encoding, document type, list messages, and many other options. For the file added by you, it shows encoding type, doctype and root element along with number of errors and warnings.

Scrolling down the page will show you the exact errors and warning along with the reason behind them. They also suggest you the ways by which you can fix the error and warnings.

2. Free Formatter:

Free Formatter

The second website to help you validate your HTML file content is Free Formatter. This website doesn’t support uploading of HTML file from your PC. You can add it either by providing the URL or by copy and pasting the content of the file. When the processing part gets completed, it displays errors and warnings. However, it doesn’t show the reason behind them or how to fix them but its pretty handy website when you are interested only in checking the errors.

3. Infohound:


Infohound is the next website in the list which lets you validate your HTML files. It supports all three commonly used methods for adding the HTML file. It even provides you with options to enable/disable checking of logical emphasis, replace color, drop empty paras, output XML, etc.  You can also choose the character encoding.

On the output page, you will see the HTML code with all the errors and warnings listed below. Each of the error includes the line number where it exists including the error type.

4. Aborla:


Aborla is the second last HTML validator for you to try. It lets you add HTML files by either providing the URL or uploading it from the system. And for configuration options, you can choose show errors with/without source, input format, charset, spell checking, etc. On the output page, it will show you file name, detected version, encoding in use, and errors found.

Below it, you will see the complete code entered by you along with error mentioned just below the line where they were detected. You can also read the reason behind the error.

5. Online Web Check:

Online Web Check

Online Web Check is the last website in the list for checking whether your HTML code is valid or not. Like most of the HTML validators included in the list, it also lets you add HTML file by uploading file, adding URL, or copy-pasting it. On results page, you will see table with detailed explanation of errors. It shows error type, line number, and the message. Under Message cell, you can read about reason behind flagging it as an error.

Now, it’s time to wrap up this list of 5 free online HTML validator websites. Try them out from anywhere to validate your HTML codes instantly.

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