5 Free Offline Messaging Apps for iPhone

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In this blog post, I’m reviewing 5 free offline messaging apps for iPhone. Using these apps, you can send messages to someone without being connected to the internet.

There are times when you’re at the place where internet does not help. Especially if you want to communicate with someone on text message but unable to have a conversation. Luckily, these offline messaging apps are here to save you. With the help of these apps, you can easily connect with the people.

There are other scenarios as well where you can use offline messengers, for example, while campaigning, traveling on cruise, flights, etc. Let’s know how these apps work.

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1. Air Chat

offline messaging apps for iPhone

Air Chat is one of the best offline messaging apps for iPhone. The app is basically an encrypted Bluetooth messenger that assists you in sending messages offline and stay connected with people around you.

Air Chat detects nearby phones via Bluetooth so that you can connect with your travel partners. Especially if you’re on flights. When you get the message, you will be notified. Then, you can start chatting and your messages will be encrypted. So we can say this is the secured app to chat offline.

2. Bridgefy

Offline Messaging Apps for iPhone

Bridgefy is another app that can be used to communicate offline. The app works in different ways such as Mesh Mode, Broadcast Mode, and Person to Person Mode.

You can simply enable Bluetooth on your phone to start the chat. This app covers a distance of around 300 feet which is pretty good. You will notice the app can fetch contacts that are reachable with no internet. Going with the Broadcast section, you can send a message at the same time to the Bridgefy users around you.

3. Peer Chat

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Peer Chat is a group messaging app that you can use offline. This end-to-end encrypted messaging app uses Bluetooth or WiFi to send messages and files.

When you launch the app, it requires you to set a username and tap on connect. Doing so, you can find people near you to talk to. Using the app, you can feel secure as the data won’t be saved anywhere. The app can be considered good for small groups as it allows you to talk with 8 users maximum.

4. Berkanan Messenger

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Berkanan Messenger is another offline Bluetooth messenger. You can use this app to stay connected with your friends when there is no internet.

Berkanan Messenger requires nothing but Bluetooth. Right after you enable the Bluetooth, you will find people nearby you. It also allows you to chat in groups. Besides that, you can also use this app as private one-to-one encrypted messaging. It covers a distance of 70 meters. So we can say it is the perfect app to use for offline messaging during travels.

5. Text nearBy

Offline Messaging Apps for iPhone

Text nearBy is the most simple and useful app for offline messaging. The app also requires the Bluetooth and then you’re all set.

After installation when you launch the app, it shows you the contacts available near you. Whether you’re at home or outside, the app shows people around you. This allows you to have a conversation with them. The app is pretty easy to use that even children can take advantage of this.

In brief

This is pretty obvious that you face trouble using the internet, especially when you’re on travel. The Internet stops working sometimes and this gets annoying when you’re unable to contact someone. Using these offline messaging apps, you can continue your conversation without connected to the internet. These apps work very Bluetooth so it is very easy to stay connected with others.

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