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In this blog post, you will get 8 free MOOC search engine websites. MOOC basically stands for massive open online courses where online education platforms offer certificates, degrees, etc., for your education. You can take distance education using these free websites within a specific period of time without paying a penny.

These MOOC search engines have subjects such as Business, Professional Development, Mathematics, Science, Programming, Data science, and many more. Each subject or topic has a specific duration of completing the course. You can check out your syllabus and earn certificates. If you’re finding search engines for thesis then we have reviewed an article for that too.

Let’s check out MOOC search engine one by one.

Class Central

MOOC search engine

Class Central is a free MOOC search engine to search courses. This is one of the good online platforms that provides distance learning courses.

This MOOC search engine comes up with various subjects. There are subjects like computer science, business, art and design, humanities, programming, engineering, health & medicines, mathematics, and others. Once you choose your subjects, the search engine fetches results for a particular course.

You can learn any course online with the certificate as well. The search engine offers other filters like start learning by date or by language. Each lesson guides you with the video content. Also, you can solve the exercises to test your learning.


Free MOOC Search Engines

My MOOC is another free MOOC search engine. Here, you can browse different subjects to learn from home. Also, you can earn a free certificate for your learning.

This MOOC search engine offers a good range of subjects such as Professional Development, Mathematics, Science, Programming, Data science, etc.

You can browse subjects by categories or type course name in the search bar. Also, you can check out rating and reviews to get the idea about the course. A few of the courses offer fee-based certificate so you must check before enrolling yourself.

Future Learn

MOOC search engine

Future Learn can also be considered as the best MOOC search engine. This search engine offers online courses under three different categories; short courses, in-depth programs, and online degrees.

The category of courses include subjects like Business and management, tech and coding, Law, Literature, Tech and coding, creative art and media and others.

You can pick any course to learn online. Make sure, you check the subjects if they are free or not. Because not all courses are available for free on the site. A few of them are free but for a few weeks.

Using this website, you can mark the chapter once you finish it. This can be a good option to remember where you left last time.


MOOC search engine

As its name implies, MoocLab is a free MOOC search engine to find good distance learning courses in one place. You can search for your course and learn sitting at home or anywhere.

The site has a category called Resources, you can go there to open MOOC directory. It lets you learn courses in subjects like Art and humanities, business, life science, language learning, social sciences, physical science, and engineering, etc. Each subject includes different lessons. You can check and start taking distance education.

Here, before starting any course, you need to check the prices carefully. Because the courses are free but the certificates are paid.

Course Buffet

Free MOOC Search Engines

Course Buffet is one of the well-organized course catalogs. Here, you can search for the desired course and learn online. The site lets you compare MOOC from over more than 200 universities.

There are featured subjects such as computer science, biology, psychology, public health, history, etc. Besides that, you can also search for subjects like English literature, art & design, economics, etc. The site lets you save the course for later. Or, Go To Course to read the content online and watch a video to understand practically.


MOOC search engine

IDEALS can also be a good option to use it as a MOOC search engine. The site lets you access online education, scholarship, etc.

You can browse your subjects by category. This search engine lets you browse by title, contributors, date, subjects, communities, authors, etc. You can use the search bar to find out your subject directly.  Once you search for the specific topic or subject, the search engine displays a good range of similar result. Here, you get PDF to read.


MOOC search engine

Coursera is a free MOOC search engine. The site has curated instructors to teach you. Once you visit the website, you can click on Explore in order to view subject lists.

There is a good range of learning subjects such as Art and humanities, business, personality development, computer science, information technology, etc. You can open any subject which you are eager to learn. Here, you can set the level of your learning from beginner to advance and enroll yourself.


MOOC search engine

Saylor.org is another free MOOC search engine learn distance education. Using this website, you can gain knowledge for multiple subjects at your own pace.

You can learn about Biology, Business administration, chemistry, communication, English, history, mathematics, sociology, learning skills, etc. You can choose your subjects and start taking distance education and get a certificate.

In brief

MOOC assists you to learn even from home. Without going outside, you can enroll yourself for any particular course and degree. Also, you can get a free certificate or fee-based certificate. I would suggest you check the cost of each course as they all are not free. But it is quite an easy way to learn about different subjects from distance.

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