Convert EPUB to AZW3 Online with These Free Websites

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Here, you will read about how to convert EPUB to AZW3 online with free websites. I’m covering 5 websites to convert eBooks from one format to another. You can use these sites without even signing up. All you have to do is to upload input (EPUB), select the output format (AZW3). After that, you can wait until the file gets uploaded and converted. And then, you can download the result of the file you convert using the online file converters.

Some of the sites provide you good features as well. You can choose different ways to upload the input file, i.e., Dropbox, Google Drive, URL. Furthermore, you can convert multiple files at once. The converters support formats like AZW, PDF, EPUB, PDB, TCR, FB2, LIT, MOBI, etc. You can also convert EPUB to WORD, and EPUB to PDF as well.

Let’s go through each file converter to convert EPUB to AZW3 online.

1. Online-Convert.Com

Convert EPUB to AZW3 Online

Online-Convert.Com is an online EPUB to AZW3 converter. This is one of the best websites. Because the site lets you convert eBooks into various formats. The converter lets you convert EPUB file into AZW, FB2, LIT, MOBI, PDF, EPUB, PDB, TCR, and LRF.

To change the eBook format, the first thing you have to do is go to the eBook converter section. Then, you can select the output format from the dropdown. It has all the output formats which I mentioned above. When you choose the AZW3 as the output format, an interface appears where you can drop the EPUB file.

There are different ways of uploading input file, e.g., Computer, Google Drive, Dropbox, URL. Thereafter, you can click the Start Conversion button.

Furthermore, you can customize the output of the AZW3 file. You can target an eBook reader as kindle oasis, fire, paperwhite, voyage, etc. Also, you can change the title, border, embed fonts, etc.

2. EPub to Kindle

Convert EPUB to AZW3 Online

EPub to Kindle is another good option to convert EPUB to AZW3 online. As the name suggests, the site lets you convert EPUB file into Kindle (AZW3).

When you visit the website, it shows an option to upload files. The good thing about this site is that you can add up to 20 files in the converter. Also, you don’t need to select the output format. Because the site is specifically for EPUB to Kindle. You can wait until the input file gets uploaded and converted. Thereafter, you can download the converted AZW3 file manually. Also, you can click on the download all option to get all the converted file at once.

3. Convertio

Convert EPUB to AZW3 Online

Convertio is a free EPUB to AZW3 file converter. This site lets you convert EPUB file into different file formats. You can convert EPUB to MOBI, AZW3, FB2, LRF, SNB, TCR, PDB, and RB.

You can upload input file from your computer as well as Google Drive, Dropbox, or by URL. There is a limit of uploading an input file. 100 MB is the maximum file size.

When you upload the input and set the output format, you can proceed the online conversion. Also, you can save the output of the converted AZW3 File.

4. Online Converter

Convert EPUB to AZW3 Online

Online Converter is also a good option to convert files online. The converter seems very simple but it converts video, unit, audio, eBook, image, and document.

To convert eBook from one format to another, you can go to eBook converter. Then, you can set your input and output format. Besides that, you can compress the input or output file within the converter. The maximum file size is 200 MB. Thereafter, you can start the conversion of the file online. Also, you can download the output of the file you convert.

5. FreeFileConvert

Convert EPUB to AZW3 Online

FreeFileConvert is a free website to convert EPUB to AZW3 easily. When you visit the site, it shows three ways to convert files. Firstly, you can choose the input file. You can browse the EPUB file from your computer, Google Drive, Dropbox. You can keep the file size 300 MB.

The next step is to choose the output format. The converter supports formats like AZW3, MOBI, PDF, PDB, RTF, TXT, etc. After that, you can start converting the files online. You can download the AZW3 file on your computer as well.

In brief

It is very easy to convert files online. The above-mentioned websites are so helpful to change the file format. You can simply upload EPUB, set output as AZW3, and start converting the files. Also, you can download the output of AZW3 file. So you may try these online file converters as they provide good output.

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