Telegram Exchange Rates Bot for any Currency or Cryptocurrency

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This post is all about an exchange rates bot for Telegram to see prices of most of the world currencies. You can use it to check prices of any currency including popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Gold, Etherium, etc. After adding this bot in your account, you just have to send a currency pair to this bot and it will return the current prices. It even saves the currency exchange rate queries you make. Also, you can see a list of all the currencies that it supports. This is a multilingual bot and you can query currency exchange rates anytime for free.

This is a powerful bot for Telegram and uses OpenExchangeRates, SP-Today, Bitrex, like services. It uses some other currency or cryptocurrency APIs, to get you latest exchange rates that you can rely on. You can turn off the bot anytime you want. Apart from just querying exchange rates, you can have a look at other settings of the bot such as seeing sources, list of available currencies and a small manual to understand how it works.

Telegram Exchange Rates Bot

How to See Exchange Rates for any Currency or Cryptocurrency?

Using and adding this bot in your Telegram account is very simple. You can use this link to reach the bot page on telegram. Or, you can search it directly in Telegram. The name of the bot you have to search in Telegram is “exchangeRatesBot“. After adding the bot, simply start it and then see the message it sends to see the syntax of the commands.

ExchangeRatesBot start

Now, after starting the bot, you can start querying the currency prices. Just enter any currency pair in the message box and send them to the bot. It will immediately return the latest rates. You can see the source of the data along with the lowest and highest rates. However, sometimes it takes time dues to API call restrictions.

Exchange rates bot in action

Apart from querying the currency rates, you can type “/” and see the available commands. You can change language of the bot and see other commands that it supports. This is all how you use this bot to get latest currency rates of any currency that it supports. Currently, it supports 160+ currencies and maybe more in future updates.

Final thoughts

There are some online currency exchange rates checker already but if you use Telegram more often then you can see this bot. You just need to add a currency pair to it and it will return the current exchange rate. So, if you like Telegram bots then you can give this a try to always get latest currency exchange rates quickly.

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