View Multi-Page Content On One Web Page With PageZipper

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PageZipper is a bookmarklet that lets you automatically view and read multi-page content on the webpage that you are currently viewing. This means, if a page contains multi-page links, then you can view all those pages on your current webpage with the help of PageZipper bookmarklet. It simply removes the need of ‘click next’ to view another page.

Instead of reading webpages by clicking next again and again, you can directly click this PageZipper Bookmarklet. After that, you will be able to access all multi-page content in a single tab or page.

PageZipper 01

Note that PageZipper is not able to work with the webpages or sites that use java script to show multi-page content.

PageZipper is a unique kind of bookmarklet and it is handy for everyone. It is even available as a plugin for Chrome as well as Firefox.

How To Use PageZipper?

As is visible in screenshot above, you can see I have added PageZipper bookmarklet on Bookmarks bar on my Chrome browser. You will find link for adding PageZipper bookmarklet at the end of this article. Now, whenever you find any webpage that has an article that spans multiple pages, then you only need to click on its bookmarklet. After that, scroll down to your current page, you will find that other pages automatically start adding to that specific current tab which you are browsing. In this way, you don’t need to click again and again on next icon or button. You can access all the pages on a single page or tab.

Likewise, it is valuable if you are on an image gallery.

You can also use Hotkeys ‘Ctrl+down’ arrow key and ‘Ctrl+Up’ arrow key to directly navigate to next image or page on the same current tab. See below its important features.

Key Features of PageZipper:

  • Access multi-page content on a single page.
  • Use Hotkeys to directly jump up or down to another image or page.
  • Automatically fits images to the browser window to let you comfortably view an image.
  • Free bookmarklet to use on browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer.
  • One click action needed to add pages to current page.

With above key features, you can find that PageZipper is quite useful to use. So if you too want to get rid from ‘click next’ option again and again, then you can try PageZipper bookmarklet free of cost.

Get PageZipper free of cost.

Note: For adding PageZipper Bookmarklet, you need to drag and drop it to the bookmarks toolbar of your browser.

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Works With: Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer
Free/Paid: Free

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