Chrome Extension to Boost Internet Browsing Speed And Reduce Data Usage

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Web Boost is a free Chrome Extension to Boost Internet speed. You must be wondering, how to boost internet speed with this lightweight Chrome extension? Well, it is one of the most innovative technique which can increase internet speed, and also consumes less data. This Open Source tool is loaded with hand picked Website Building Blocks. A majority of websites use these blocks in their structures. Whenever you browse a website on Chrome, these blocks do not get downloaded, and as a result the websites load faster.


How does Web Boost Works:

Web boost stores the hand-checked building blocks on your computer. This internet booster tool checks a website before opening it in Chrome. After checking a website, it does not download the Blocks which are already available on your computer.

Once you add this extension to Google Chrome, it automatically starts working after the installation. Look for the Web Boost Icon on the right hand side of the Address Bar. When you click the Icon, the extension displays the following stats:

  • Boosting Enabled/Disabled for the current website.
  • Number and Names of the Blocks boosted on the current website.
  • Total number of Blocks boosted.

You can also Enable/Disable Web Boost for a website if you want. Web Boost displays the name of the Web Building Blocks, like Jquery, bootstrap, and fonts.


This Internet Booster has the following Security parameters:

  • Scripts and Blocks from official CDNs.
  • Hand Picked and checked files.
  • Files and Data are hijack proof.
  • Nothing else is downloaded except the extension files.
  • No files, data, or statistics are exported from your computer.
  • Open source code.

Advantages of using Web Boost:

This Internet Booster has many advantages. It saves a lot of data and time in the long run. Let me name some advantages of Web Booster:

  • The website data gets downloaded faster, and appears faster on Google Chrome.
  • Very less bandwidth is used. This is especially useful if you have a limited data plan.
  • Website and image quality are not compromised.
  • Useful options for developers, like:
    • Local Google CDN in Chrome
    • Option to develop websites without internet connection, by using direct CDN links.
  • The tool is eco friendly, and you are helping to save the environment.

You must be wondering, how can a Internet booster be environment friendly? Well, as this tool already stores website blocks on your computer, the browser sends less request to the server. The lesser the requests, the less electricity consumed.


Web Booster is indeed a remarkable Chrome Extension to Boost Internet. It not only saves your time, but also uses less data. It is a very light Internet Booster, and occupies less than 3 MB on your Computer. No security issues, no compressed images, and no caching; all you get is faster internet with a contribution to greener environment.

Editor Ratings:
User Ratings:
[Total: 6 Average: 4]
Works With: Chrome
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