Free Wireless Network Vulnerability Scanner To Check Connected Devices

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Bitdefender Home Scanner is a free wireless network vulnerability scanner software that checks connected devices for vulnerability. It shows the total number of devices connected with your WiFi network and checks if a connected device is safe or there are vulnerability issues. The issues include weak password, SSH vulnerability, and denial of service vulnerability. For each vulnerability, it also provides basic information about how to fix the issue and what can happen if the issue is not fixed. So while other similar software only show the list of connected devices to your WiFi network, this software brings more features. Therefore, it is better than many other software that fall into this category.

Apart from these features, this free wireless network scanner software also alerts you whenever a new device is connected to your WiFi network. Moreover, details related to a particular connected device are also provided. So the software is actually good as many useful features are available completely free.

scanned results of this wireless network scanner software

In screenshot visible above, you can see the scanned results of this wireless network scanner on its interface. It shows device name, the total number of devices found, device last scanned, and vulnerability level (potentially at risk, no risk, etc.) for each device.

If vulnerability issues are found for a connected device, then you can check how many issues are there and what type of issues are found. You can further explore a particular issue to check what could be done to fix the issue.

check vulnerabilities and ideas to fix issues

Other Key Features of This Free Wireless Network Vulnerability Scanner:

  • Whenever a new device is connected to your network, a pop-up alert comes. That pop-up provides options to scan that device immediately or simply ignore the pop-up if you trust the device.
    pop-up alert
  • For each connected devices, it shows Mac address, IP address, device type (computer, laptop, tablet, etc.), manufacturer, and other details. This is a very useful feature.
    device details
  • The list of all the notifications that occur when a new device is discovered on your network can be seen separately on its interface.
  • You can also edit the name of any device and set the device type (Computer, Router, Baby Monitor, or Adapter).

Using This Free Wireless Network Vulnerability Scanner Software:

Bitdefender Home Scanner is a very simple software. You can use this link to get the setup of this free wireless network scanner software. After installation, you first need to login to your Bitdefender account so that you can use this software. If you don’t have any account, then it lets you sign up for free.

As soon as you login to your Bitdefender account, first of all, detects your WiFi Home network and prompts you to connect to that network. If that is not your home network, then it also gives the option to connect to a different network that could be your home network. However, it actually detects home network very well.

connect to wifi home network

When it is connected to your WiFi network, it will start scanning to find the connected devices. Apart from finding the connected devices, it also starts the scan for all those devices for vulnerability issues.

connected devices found and scanning started

If a device is safe, it will show no risk found for that device. And if a device has some issues, then you can expand to see issues as well as get basic information about how to fix that issue.

Whenever a new device connects to your WiFi network, the software detects it and prompts you to start scanning for that device. You have the choice if you want to start scanning immediately or later from its interface.

The Verdict:

This is actually a very good wireless network vulnerability scanner software. Instead of only showing the total number of connected devices and information about those devices, it scans those devices for vulnerability. When threats are found for a device, you can manually disconnect that device and protect your WiFi network.

Get Bitdefender Home Scanner.

Editor Ratings:
User Ratings:
[Total: 6   Average: 2.5/5]
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