Create Drone Shot from Photos and Videos using AI for Free

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Luma AI is a free online web app that you can use to create a drone shot from still photos. Or, you can also use videos to do the same thing. It takes a series of images taken from various angles and then stitch them together using AI in a 360 view. The final video will look like as if it was shot from a drone.

Once it creates a drone shot for you, you can save it in your account and share with others via link if you want to. The Luma AI websites is a community based website as well. You can explore the public drone shots that others have created using their photos and videos as well.

Not only yourself, but you can create the drone shot for a building or a statute or any other object. You just have to submit images taken from various angles on this website. For images, it supports JPG and PNG like formats. Additionally, if you have HD images as raw images then you can submit them as well in DNG, CR2, or HDR format.

How to Create Drone Shot from Photos and Videos using AI for Free?

Just go to the main website of Luma AI and then create a free account. You can sign in using your Google account and use the web version. It has a mobile app as well but for iPhone only. If you have an iPhone, then you can use the mobile version instead of the online version.

Luma Main Website

Now, you need to take photos of you standing in a park or in an open area. Take someone’s help and take 3 videos from front, sides, and just above your head. Or, you can also take photos from various angles. If you want to submit photos, then you will need to click at least, 10–20 photos.

Pack the photos in a ZIP file and then submit them on the website. Select the camera type and specify whether you want the rendered drone shot to be public or private.

Convert Photos to ZIP

After submitting the file, it will put it in the queue. Once it has processed, the video will appear on your profile and you can play it from there. This is as simple as that.

Upload Images

In this way, you can easily create a drone shot using AI from static photos. Just keep using this website in this way. The process on the iOS mobile app is the same as well. However, it doesn’t have Android app yet. So, if you are an Android user, then you will have to use the online version.

Closing thoughts:

If you are looking to create a drone shot and you don’t actually have a drone, then this website here will help. Just give it some images or videos and then see the final AI generated drone video that will blow your mind. I personally, liked the final output this website generates. It takes time to render the final video, so, you have to be a little patient there. Also, I would share a useful tip with you that, use video as input instead of photos for better results.

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