Steganography Software To Hide Zip, Rar File Inside Jpg Image

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Steganography (beta) is a free software that lets you hide archive files inside jpg images secretly. You will be able to hide zip or rar file into a jpg image with this Steganography software. Steganography in simple means a process to write hidden messages or an act of writing in code. There are a lot of software available to hide text in images like Text To Color, CryptImage etc., but Steganography is a unique kind software of its own as it helps to hide confidential archive to a jpg image of your choice.

The image used for Steganography will function like a normal image. You can view it or can take printout of it and nobody will come to know that you have secretly embedded a zip or rar file in it. Another thing that can surprise you is that size doesn’t matter to hide archives as for example; you can hide more than 100 mb zip file inside a 25 kb size jpg image. But hidden archive can be viewed easily if image will be opened using file archiver software.

Steganography- interface

Note: After embedding zip or rar archives, new image size will be changed to that of hidden archive in it. Also, if you will edit image with some image editor software, then hidden archive file will be lost in that case.

Interface of Steganography software is visible in above screenshot which is quite clean and good. Simply provide a jpg image by clicking on available image box. Same way, you can add a zip or rar file which you want to hide. After this, give a desired output name for new image and select destination location of your choice. After completing these tasks, hit the Create button and within a few seconds new image will be created.

Steganography- create new image and hide zip archive

Some Key Features of This Steganography Software:

  • Quite helpful software to securely and secretly hide zip or rar archive inside a jpg image.
  • It is very easy to use and anyone can work with it comfortably.
  • Size doesn’t matter to embed file archives into jpg images.
  • You can use any file archiver (capable to open rar and zip file) to get back hidden files.
  • It is very lightweight software.
  • Available free of cost to use on Windows.

Download and Install Steganography Software To Hide Archive Files Inside Jpg Images:

It is only 236 kb in size and you can download it using link present below in this article. After downloading it, extract zip file into a folder. After this, you can run its application file or setup file to install it. It’s a one click installation software. Install it and open it from start menu.


Steganography is a handy software and your zip and rar archives will remain hidden and secure until image used for hiding those files will not be opened with any file archiver. It’s a nice trick, but don’t forget to delete original archive file after hiding it to jpg image. To use this software yourself, hit on the below link:

Get Steganography free.

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Works With: Windows
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