Best Interactive Universe Map To Know How Big Is The Universe

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Struggling with our own existence and responsibilities, sometimes our curious-self wants to know how big is the Universe. An Interactive Universe Map will definitely answer your questions. So, I have compiled this list of best 3D galaxy maps for you. These online tools with map of universe let you explore different parts of the Universe. All of these tools are very different from each other, and provide different perspectives of the Universe. All the stars, galaxies, and other space objects present in these maps are placed with accuracy and up to scale. This will help you understand how big is space and how big is the Universe. These maps also contain information and imagery of different galaxies, nebulae, stars, etc.

Lets plunge into space and get to know about these websites with interactive map of Universe. There are not many interactive maps that cover the whole visible Universe, so we just have to satisfy with 3 of them for now.

You might be interested to know how big is our Solar System. Find out with this interactive Solar System Map.

Here Are The Best Interactive Universe Map Websites:


SKY-MAP takes you to an infinite Universe to wander. It has the map of the visible universe and you can explore all around. The super powerful zoom lets you zoom in to any of the million galaxies out there and view it. For each galaxy, star, or nebula, you can get various information. Just by hovering over an object, you will be able to view its name, constellation, right ascension, declination, distance, and magnitude. A single click on any object will open a page with its imagery. You can even use the search tool to look for any object by its name on this universe map. On the right panel, it has a collection of most interesting spots to discover in the space.

A button to toggle Constellation view on/off is also available. This will help you to spot various constellations we have been told about since childhood.

Google Sky

How could we forget our best friend Google’s interactive map of Universe, Google Sky. Yes, Google Sky opens the door for you to explore the vast expanses of Universe. You can zoom in/out around and look for stars, galaxies, nebulae, and other objects yourself. If not, you can either use the search box to look for them, or use the guide at the bottom of the map to view objects that have been mentioned. Whenever you click on an object from the bottom panel, the map displays the object with some information on it. There are way many objects that you can ever imagine on this map and wish to view.

Try this on Google Sky: In the bottom panel, go to Solar System section, and there select the Earth option. See what happens and let us know below.

The Universe In 3D

The Universe In 3D might not look as visually appealing as the above two maps of universe, but is equally informative. The globe type diagram in the above screenshot is the 3D universe map that you will be using to explore the space and the stars, galaxies, and other objects present out there. Using the above slider, you can zoom in/out of the 3D map. The map is centered at the Sun. So, when you zoom in, the focus goes toward sun. To look for objects around, you can drag and move the sphere in any direction and access any object displayed.

When you hover cursor above any object, you can view a little information in a small box. Double click on it to view the fill information page about it.

Closing Words

These websites with interactive map of universe are great sources to get a good idea of our Universe. You don’t only get to know what all is out there, but also get an idea about how big and vast is the Universe.

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