Free Task Management Web App Based on Kanban: Solo

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The Solo is a free time management web application that you can self host on a web server. It is based on the popular Kanban boards that help optimize your schedule to increase productivity. Solo will help you keep tasks, their notes and other resources organized at one place, private. You can speedily create boards for different product development operations. This app is aimed at freelancers who usually develop projects in a short time.

You all are familiar with the terms ‘time management’, ‘optimize’ and ‘schedule’ but for some of you the term ‘Kanban’ might have been new. Kanban translates to ‘board’ in Japanese and these management boards are used to employ efficient scheduling tactics for just-in-time manufacturing and lean manufacturing. Both of these manufacturing techniques stop wasteful tasks that consume time and resources. Solo’s structure compels you to adopt these techniques, which in return promotes speedy completion of projects.

main solo

Solo is quite plain in terms of features but this also makes it easy to use. Undoubtedly, most of you might have found the preferred tool that you use every day to manage projects and tasks. Timeneye can help you track you how much time you devote to a particular task or set of tasks. Since Solo is aimed for personal freelancing use, it does not include a collaboration feature. Check out Archmule for a broader project manager with collaboration feature.

How to use Solo to Manage Projects

solo board make

This documentation will instruct you how to install Solo on your own server. You need PHP 5.3 and Mysql to do so. You can create boards for various operations of your business on the dashboard. Click on New Board and fill in details of the new board. In the demo, you can see the business/ project elements have been included, from development to customer care.

add task solo

Let’s see what a board contains. In a board, you can add multiple sections for important stages in the development cycle of an operation. In each section, tasks can be added with or without due dates. Tasks cannot be customized when they’re being added but can only be edited later.

edit solo

Click on a task to see its status and on the top, click Edit. In the edit section, due date, notes and files can be included. In the free version only a single file can be uploaded at a time. The task will be marked yellow or red depending on proximity of the due date.

solo agenda

When a task is complete, tick mark the task and it will be added to the completed tasks at the top. Preparing or completing so many tasks on different boards can be really difficult. Thankfully, your task plan can be viewed in Your Agenda tab on the main dashboard. This will show you the tasks with their due dates. Tasks can be edited and they will be reflected back in the boards. The activity tab shows a user’s history. On the right, you can view the date of creation of all boards.

Final Words

You’ll find an excessive of time management and project management apps on the web. Solo is definitely out of the crowd because of its Kanan based design that’s specifically made for small projects. I award it 4.8 stars.

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Works With: PHP 5.3, MySql
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