5 Free HTML Editor Websites with Real-Time Output Preview

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Here are 5 free HTML editor websites with real-time output preview.

All of these websites are handy to practice HTML in a more convenient way. You type the code and output preview is presented live. So instead of first writing the code and then using the option to view the output again and again, you can view changes instantly.

Some of these websites also have some extra useful features. For example, you can use JavaScript or CSS, take help of buttons to insert an image, heading type, link, etc.

Let’s have a look at these free HTML editor websites.

Online HTML Editor (Homepage)

Online HTML Editor website homepage

Here is the first free HTML editor in this list that shows live preview. Its interface is divided into two separate sections. The upper section is used to write HTML and lower section shows real-time output.

This website doesn’t have syntax highlighting feature, but it provides multiple buttons to quickly set the background color, insert image URL, program structure, and more.

HTML Instant

HTML Instant website homepage

HTML Instant is also a good choice to practice HTML online and view live preview. You need to enter HTML, JavaScript, or CSS in the left pane and output is visible in the right pane. It covers almost all the features that I have explained for the above website.

Apart from this, it also provides the options to save your code, undo, redo, and restore the code. Moreover, it also has a Chrome extension that you can use. So if I compare features, then this website is one of the best free HTML editor websites in this whole list.



Scratchpad.io comes with a beautiful interface where writing HTML code or CSS becomes really interesting. The left section is used to enter the code and rest of the part of its interface show real-time output preview. This website also has syntax highlighting feature, so you can better check the code and make the changes.

Real-time HTML Editor (Homepage)

Real-time HTML Editor homepage

Real-time HTML Editor has a very simple interface. You won’t find a single option on its interface. Its interface has only upper and lower sections. You can enter HTML code in the upper section and lower section will show the output immediately. That’s it! So those who just need a straightforward HTML editor website to preview output live, this website is good to use.


cssizer.com website homepage

Cssizer.com is another simple HTML editor website with Live preview. It supports HTML as well as CSS. You can simply paste the code at left pane and instant preview will visible in the right pane.

It also lets you save the changes online.


All are really good websites to practice HTML with real-time preview. However, based on extra features, HTML Instant can be considered as the best HTML editor website in this list.

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