JavaScript Coding Games to Learn Javascript Online Free

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This post lists some free JavaScript games to learn JavaScript online. Here I have added a few very nice websites that you can use to play some games to learn to program in JS. Here these websites offer some interactive games that you can play and boost your programming skills. However, the websites I have listed here are more suitable for kids and young teenagers. Here in these games, you have to write some JavaScript code to control your player and perform some other actions. Unlike traditional games where you control your players and other things by keyboard and mouse, here you use JavaScript and that is the whole purpose of these websites here.

If you want to teach programming to kids or some other youngsters in fun and interactive way then the following websites will come in handy. Here you will find different games which support different programming languages including JavaScript. But these games are not only limited to JS only as you will find other programming language there as well such as Python, Coffeescript, and in some of these you will find HTML as well. All you have to do is create a free account and start playing. And on some of these, you don’t even have to do that.

JavaScript Coding Games to Learn Javascript Online Free

JavaScript Coding Games to Learn JavaScript Online Free:


CodeCombat javascript game

CodeCombat is one of the best free websites to play JavaScript games. Apart from JavaScript, it supports Python and Coffeescript like languages as well. In the free plan a lot of games are locked by default but unlocked ones are amazing as well. There is game in it called “Gems in Deep” where you basically go for gems hunt in and you have to control your player by JavaScript functions. Your player will move when you write the correct function. The UI of the game is amazing and there are sounds which will make you feel that you are actually playing a normal game.

Here to get stared with this website, you will have to create a free account. After that, you can just simply choose the game from the main UI and then start playing. Before starting this game, it lets you choose your player and equip it with some useful tools. However, to use some players, you will have to subscribe to the paid plan.

CodeCombat choose your player

After selecting the player, you can start the game. The screen will be divided into two parts. In one part, you can see the game and your player move. On the other side, you will see a code editor. In the code editor, you will have to write the code and run it to move your player. Other instructions are given there and you can opt for them accordingly. As you keep passing through different levels, the difficulty will be increased.


CodinGame in action

CodinGame is pretty much like CodeCombat website which I have mentioned above. The difference here is that the game it has for JS is an alien shooting game. The interface and game logic is similar; you write JavaScript code and your player will shoot accordingly. You can see the hints to learn what you have to do in the game.

All the rules and instructions are given there. In the code editor, there is some JS code already and you just have to write new one to shoot the enemy aliens and it will eventually help you boost your JavaScript skills. Apart from JavaScript, it supports programming languages like Swift, Scala, Kotlin, Python, and Java.

You don’t really have to create an account here to play the game. You open the game and then quickly understand the rules and then start playing. The code editor will open on the right side and you see what you have tow wrote in order to shoot aliens. You just write the code and run that code. The player will behave accordingly and will shoot aliens. This way, you can keep writing code and reach next level.

Elevator Saga

Elevator Saga JavaScript game

Elevator Saga as the name suggests is a game which involves an elevator.  In this game you have to control the movement of an elevator programmatically by writing JavaScript code. The final goal of this simple game is transporting people efficiently. Your progress depends on how quickly and precisely you do the transporting people part.

If you think you have the kind of JavaScript skills required here then you can play this and only best ones will be able to pass through all the challenges. This is a simple game and there is no need to sign up in order to start playing it, You just reach the main website using above link and start the game.

On the main UI, you will see a code editor in which you have to write the JS code. On top of the code editor is the elevator which will move based on the code you write. So, you just start writing the code and then hit the apply button. You can see the movement of the elevator and proceed in the similar manner. For more assistance, you can go through the help section and read more about it there. This is quite a fun game and once, you start playing, you will love it and it will eventually end up improving your JS skills.


Untrusted free JavaScript Game

Untrusted is a peculiar JavaScript game that you can play right now. This is an open source JavaScript coding game that anyone can play. Basically it is an interesting exciting Meta-JavaScript adventure game where you help Dr. Eval through a puzzled MACHINE CONTINUUM by simply using his PC with the help of JavaScript code. You will have to help him find his freedom. Here you will have to edit and run the JavaScript code to save Eval from dark reality. The concept is simple and all you need here is your JavaScript skills.

Here you don’t need any sign in or account creation to play this game. You just reach the main homepage of this game and start playing. There is music in background and a simple code editor is given to you which you have to use for JavaScript coding. This is purely JavaScript game and you have to use your brain to make an strategy and then save your player. Simple as that.


Galacticode in action

Galacticode on GitHub is the last free JavaScript coding game in this list that you can use. Just like Untrusted above, this is an open source game that you can play. Currently, it is hosted on Heroku, but you can run it locally as well. Or you can install this in your own Heroku account. Basically, here it is a strategy game and you have to move the alien Nova across different planets to help find his home because he is lost.

Here you use same keyboard controls to move Nova. But the problem is fuel. To get more fuel, you will need to complete a challenge. And that challenge here requires you to write a JavaScript code to obtain the predefined output. If you do it correctly, then you will gain the fuel, you will be able to move your alien in space to travel more. The JavaScript challenges will be getting more complex as you progress in the game.

GalactiCode Code Editor

You can find the link to the hosted version of this game on its GitHub page whole link I have given already. Here you will have to sign in using your Google or GitHub account. Next, just choose the planet and start the game. You will see the challenges as you play the game in order to get the fuel. You use your JavaScript knowledge to write the code and then based on its validity, you will get the fuel and challenges will start becoming complex as you proceed further.

Final thoughts

These are the best free JavaScript coding games which you can play right now. All these games are simple, fun to play, and interactive ones. You just read the instructions first and write the code accordingly to win the challenge. I liked the motive behind these games and effort of the makers. So, if you are looking for some JavaScript game for your kids or students then you can give these websites a try and tell me what you think in the comments.

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