Max Axe: Free iPhone Running Game To Loot Treasure And Kill Beasts

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Max Axe is a free iPhone running game in which you have to loot the treasures and kill the beasts by using your axe. The game has beautiful unique graphics which will attract you towards the game automatically. In your quest to loot the treasure and kill others, you also have to complete certain challenges to unlock new levels and get extra coins.

You can purchase power-ups and weapons using the coins earned by you. The game also syncs with your Facebook and Game Center account.

Max Axe Running Game

Gameplay Of This iPhone Running Game:

The Max Axe iPhone running game can be downloaded either by going to iTunes App Store or by clicking on the link given at the end of this review. In this game, you have to play as a character called Max. The Max is running in a forest for looting all the treasures and killing everything that comes in his way. You have to throw the Max’s axe to do all these tasks.

The Max runs in straight direction, unlike other running games in which you have to control the character to help him run in different directions. In this game, you need to control the axe instead of character. The more perfectly you control the axe, more the amount of treasure you can loot and also kill the beasts. To throw the axe, you need to swipe on the screen. You can swipe on the screen free handedly in any direction but remember that the swipe line should start from Max and it should be continuous.

Playing The Game

If you want to earn extra points, then try to loot the treasure and kill beasts in combos. More the number of beasts or treasures in a combo, more the points you receive. This will also help you in completing the challenges more quickly. The challenges play a crucial role in the game as you receives power-ups, special weapons and bonuses which will help you in earning more points with less efforts.

Score and Leaderboard

You can purchase the  power-ups, weapons etc. from the Game’s Shop. This shop can be accessed from the app’s home screen. The game syncs with your Facebook and Game Center account using which you can compete with your friends and rest of the World for the ultimate spot on the Leaderboard.

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Final Verdict:

The Max Axe is a good running game for iPhone. The game becomes addictive once you master the swiping techniques to loot treasure and kill beasts in combos. The game is surely worth a try. Do try this game once, especially if you are fan of running games.

Get the Max Axe running game from here.

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Works With: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
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