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Noice is a free iPhone app to send emojis with sound. You must have used various emoji apps providing you with cool and expressive emojis but what if you could also hear emojis expressing themselves. Yes you read it right. With Noice app, you can just do that. Now, whenever you will send an emoji, you will also hear its sound. You can see emojis laughing, crying, screaming, kissing, and sounds of all sort of activities which emojis represent. The app also includes voice of Emmy winner Rob Schrab,

You only have to add your friends to the app and you can start sending emojis with sounds instantly. There are more than 100 emojis to choose from in free version while more and more can be unlocked in paid version. However, free version includes all most commonly used emojis. The app also comes with 6 theme colors to choose from. The app also includes a bot known as Noicebot which you can use to send emojis when none of your friends are online.


Using This iPhone App to Send Emojis with Sound:

When you will launch the Noice app for the first time, it will ask you to choose an username along with a PIN name. The username is required to find your friends and connect you both but I didn’t get the use of PIN. The app never asked me for my PIN once I entered it. After going through these steps, you will see the app’s home screen.

Noice Home Screen

The plus option is for adding contacts. You only have to enter the username of the friend and app automatically connects you both. The username should be correct for this to happen. After adding contact, you will see it on the home screen.

Adding Friends

Now for sending emojis with sound, tap on the friend name to who you want to send. It will open a list of all the emojis. There are about 100 emojis available in free version of the app for you to use. You can see that there is a icon at left side of your friend’s name which lets you turn off the sound. In that case, only emoji is sent and no sound.

Choose Emoji to Send

As you will tap on the smiley, it will be sent to selected friend automatically. While sending the emoji, you will also hear the sound. You can also see the most recently sent emoji as your contact’s photo.

The home screen of the app also has a sharing icon. You have tap on it if you want to share the app or change the theme of app. You can choose from 6 different colors.

Choose Theme

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Final Verdict:

Noice is a good iPhone app to send emojis with sound. The app is really interesting and makes conversations quite expressive and funny as well. I really loved using the app along with my friends. Do give it a try, you will definitely love the sounds.

Get Noice here.

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Works With: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
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