5 Free Flight Tracker Apps For iPhone

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Here is a list of 5 free flight tracker apps for iPhone which let you track any flight at any time. These apps display various vital information related to a flight for which you are searching.

The information displayed by these apps are: Arrival Time, Departure Time, Route Taken By Flight, Origin city, Destination city, Terminal gate, etc. Some of the apps also let you check the flight route via map in real-time. If you want to get information about any airport like how many terminals are there in the airport or the current weather, then it is available through these apps. If any friend or relative is coming to meet you, then you can use these apps to receive them at the right time, even if the flight is delayed.

1. FlightAware Flight Tracker:

FlightAware Flight Tracker

The first flight tracking app for iPhone is FlightAware Flight Tracker. You can search and track any flight using either its Flight number, Tail number or flight route. The app is very quick in displaying the results for the details entered by you. It also displays whether the flight is scheduled, delayed or enroute. If the flight is enroute, then you can track it in real time including the flight speed, duration, altitude, route, arrival time and flight map. The app also notifies you about the landing of the flight if you have signed-up with the app. Besides this, app displays the information about the flights nearby your location and airports.

Get FlightAware Flight Tracker here.

2. Flight+ Free:

Flight+ Free

The second flight tracking app for iPhone is Flight+ Free. This app has an interface similar to the boarding pass of a flight. The app has separate sections for searching the flights on the basis of past flights, enroute flights, scheduled flights and all flights. The app displays the info about both flights as well as airport. You can get this info either by manually entering the name or by finding them on the map. Besides this, the app lets you set alerts and add comments/notes to any flight.

Get Flight+ Free here.

3. FlightStats:


FlightStats is the official app of FlightStats.com which lets you track the flights as well as check the airport conditions. You can search for flights by entering either flight, airport or route details. The app displays all the common details including the On-time performance rating and flight timeline. You can also check the flight route via map with 3D view. Besides this, you can check the delay trend, delay status, current time/date, weather for any airport in the world.

Get FlightStats here.

4. FlightHero Free:

FlightHero Free

If you are precisely looking for a flight tracker app with map support, then FlightHero Free can be your best bet. Apart from the common details displayed by other apps, this app lets you track the flight on map in real-time. You can choose from three types of view: Standard, Satellite, and Hybrid. The app also has support for checking the seat plan for any flight. You can even share the tracking report for any flight on social networking sites from within the app.

Get FlightHero Free here.

5. Flight Tracker Free:

Flight Tracker Free

Flight Tracker Free app lets you track the flights by entering the flight number and departure date. It is a simple flight tracker app for iPhone with no advanced features or any types of graphical information to show. The app simply displays the information about the flight by dividing it in 3 categories: Departure, Arrival, and Arrival Weather. You can send 3 requests per day in the free version but the paid version can be unlocked for free by leaving a review of the app on iTunes App Store followed by a mail to their support team.

Get Flight Tracker Free here.

These were the 5 flight tracking apps for iPhone which can help you in tracking any flight at any time. It can really help you in avoiding many problems like delay in arrival/departure of flights and live a peaceful life with no worries. Checkout these apps and do share your experiences with me.

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