Create High-Quality Celebrity Deepfake Video on iPhone

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In this blog post, you will read about how to create high-quality celebrity deepfake videos on iPhone.

Impressions is an app that you can use on iPhones. Using this free app, you can easily swap your faces with your favorite celebrity. The app uses AI technology that provides you realistic face swap videos. All you just have to select a celebrity face and record your own video. Doing so, your face with be swapped. And the celebrity face replaced with your own.

The app work in a way that if you record a video, it gets upload on their server. After a while, you will find your video is generated. Then, you can watch the video and share it with your friends to amaze them. Let’s try the app and create a realistic swap face videos.

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record your video to proceed

Create High-Quality Celebrity Deepfake Video on iPhone

To create stunning celebrity deepfake videos, you can use this app named Impressions. This is an app that can be easily found on the App Store and use it to make swap face videos.

After installation when you launch the app, it prompts permission to allow your phone’s microphone, notification, photos library, and camera.

Once you allow them, you will see the celebrity faces on the screen. The collection of celebrity faces include names like Ariana Grande, Rihanna, Selena Gomez, Will Smith, Leonardo DiCaprio, Joker, Justin Bieber, Rachel Green, and more. The app provides more than 20 celebrity faces. And, these faces change every week.

record your video to proceed

In order to get started, you can select a celebrity face. And then you will have to record a video of your own. However, there is no real-time face-swapping feature. So, you can simply record while speaking, smiling, and showing hilarious expressions and go ahead.

After recording the video when you process the video, it takes a few minutes. Thereafter your video will be uploading and queued. You can enable the notifications to get notified when your video is ready to watch.

upload your video to swap faces

And when you watch the video, it amazes you with the results. The video looks quite realistic. The hair, eyes, mouth and expressions, all seem as real as those celebrity faces. You can then share your celebrity deepfake videos with your friends and amaze them with your swapped videos.

If we talk about its free and paid plans, the app provides you credits. You can create videos for 10 seconds only when you have these free credits. Once you finish them, you will have to wait for the next week to restore the new credit to make a free video. Whereas in the paid plan, you can create unlimited videos for 20 seconds.

In brief

Impressions app can be a quick way to create celebrity deepfake videos. The app provides you more than 20 celebrity faces. You can choose any of them to swap faces. So what are you waiting for? Pick your favorite celebrity face and record your video to swap it.

Download the app here.

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