5 Websites To Find Startup Pitch Decks Online

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In this article, I will cover 5 free websites to find startup pitch decks online.

A pitch deck is a brief presentation used to provide the audience with a quick overview of your quick plan. Startups use pitch decks which are used to pitch a business plan to investors in order to get investments.

These websites cover some of the best startup pitch decks of various popular companies. You can see their pitch deck presentations and learn from them. With these startup pitch decks, you can learn more about how a startup works and, if you have your own startup, these pitch decks might be helpful.

So, let’s start this list and see what these websites offer.

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Here Are 5 Free Websites To Find Startup Pitch Decks Online:


startup pitch decks

Attach provides business products and tools to individuals and organizations. It provides a variety of tools to help you grow and manage your business. In all that, it also has a collection of real fundraising decks from real startups. Here, you can find the successful startups of the decade.

On the main page of startup pitch deck collection, it shows you a list of companies in a grid pattern. Below each company’s name, it shows their funding type, raised amount, starting year and company category. From here, you can click on a company to see their startup pitch deck presentation. You can see all the slides of a company’s pitch deck. Along with the slides, here you find the name of the investors who invested in that company. For some companies, it also shows you a CEO note and most recent note for the investors. If you are working on a startup and have a pitch deck ready, you can upload it here to seek audience and investors.

You can find popular startup pitch decks online here.


startup pitch decks online

PitchEnvy.io is an online collection of startup pitch decks, video, and other related resources. The pitch deck collection here shows you various successful pitch decks in a grid layout. At the bottom of each pitch deck, it shows you the number of views and comments that pitch deck got on this website. You can also sort them by most recent and most popular.

When you open a pitch deck, you get all the slides along with a short description of the company. The pros and cons of the business model are also mentioned there. On the right side, you get a short company profile that lists the company’s official name, website, and Twitter handle. It also shows you whether the company is funded or not.

Find popular startup pitch deck online on PitchEnvy here.


best startup pitch decks

As the name suggests, ImprovePresentation.com is a premium website to make attractive presentations online. This website has a collection of startup pitch decks which you can access for free. This collection lists some of the popular and successful pitch decks. You can scroll through the slides of these pitch decks here. Official company name and CEO name of each pitch deck is written below it along with the date it was uploaded here. Apart from the popular pitch decks, this website also offer pitch deck templates and a wide range of premium custom designs for presentation.

Here is a link to these popular startup pitch decks.


best startup pitch decks examples

PitchDeckExamples.com is a free website where you can find popular startup pitch decks of various successful companies. It has two sections for pitch decks, one for most popular and one for recently added. You can also sort pitch decks by categories here. When you open a pitch deck, it shows you their presentation in its original format. From there, you can edit that presentation template online or download the presentation as a PDF. This website also offers various attractive templates and resources to help you create your own pitch deck presentation.

See one of the best startup pitch desks here.


startup pitch decks

BestPitchDesks.com offers a free collection of startup pitch decks resources and other related material such as videos, PDF, etc. In the collection, it has some of the best startup pitch decks. The resources listed here are not hosted on this website. When you open a pitch deck, it takes you to a respected website where you can access that pitch deck.

You can check some amazing startup pitch desks here.

Closing Words:

These are the 5 websites where you can find popular startup pitch decks. These pitch decks can be really useful if you are working on a startup and need investments. You can learn from these pitch decks and implement their positive points in your business plan.

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