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Here are 4 free online leetspeak translator websites. Leet (or 1337/eleet/Leetspeak) helps to modify the spellings or words using similar numbers, symbols, special characters, etc. So, the meaning behind the leetspeak remain the same but in secret codes or messages. For example, “L” can be represented as ‘7’, “E” as ‘3’, etc. These websites help you decode the message behind leetspeak and get the output in plain English text.

All of these websites are also handy to convert text to leet. So, you can avail the benefit of both the features. One website on this list also comes with a unique feature. You can change the leet level to basic, advanced, ultimate, etc., create custom leetspeak symbols, etc. Do note each website comes with its own symbols or density level for decoding the leet text. So, you might not get the correct output if leet density is different or too high.

Let’s check these free online leetspeak translators one by one.

Universal Leet

Universal Leet- interface

Universal Leet (Homepage) is one of the best leetspeak translator websites on this list. It lets you add input leet content and generate the output text by using the decode button. The good thing is it lets you select the leet level. You can use the drop-down option to select basic leet, advance, or ultimate leet. One more feature provided by this website is you can create customized leet symbols using the options provided by this website. For example, for alphabet ”A’, you can set leet symbol as “4”, “/-\”, or something else.

You can also use this website in reverse mode. That means you can enter the plain text, set the leet level, and then encode it to get the output leet content. All such features make it an interesting website. Therefore, it is a fantastic leetspeak translator website.


1337.me website

1337.me (homepage) is a very simple leetspeak translator website. It actually helps to convert plain text to leetspeak but you can also use it in the reverse mode. Enter the leetspeak on the bottom box and it will give the output instantly.

To generate leetspeak from plain text, you can enter the text on the first box and get the output. The website also provides “pro-mode“. Enabling this option generates leetspeak with the advanced leet level (containing symbols which are difficult to guess). So, this feature can also help you convert advanced level leetspeak to normal text.

Leet Speak Encoder

Leet Speek Encoder

Leet Speak Encoder (Homepage) provides a small box which helps you encode or decode leet content or plain text. You can either enter the leetspeak or plain text and then use Encode and Decode buttons accordingly. It will immediately give you the output.

Its homepage also provides an explanation about leet. You can read that or simply focus on leetspeak conversion. There are no other options. Only a small box and encode and decode buttons are there to serve the main purpose.

L337 Speak Converter

L337 Speak Converter

L337 Speak Converter (Homepage) is an extremely simple website. There is only one box where you can add leet symbols/content and convert it into English text. It also lets you enter plain text and get the output in leet.

The website is handy to convert a basic leetspeak text into plain text. If the density level of leetspeak is higher, then it won’t give satisfactory results. So the best use of this website for leetspeak translation is when there are no special characters or other difficult symbols.

The Conclusion:

Among all these online leetspeak translators, I prefer “Universal Leet” website. The reason is simple. Like other sites covered on this list, it also lets you convert leet to text and vice-versa. But, you have the options to set the leet level or density and create custom leet symbols. There is no other site with such features. Therefore, it is better than other Leetspeak translator websites.

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