3 Free YouTube Video Rank Checker Tools

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Here are some best free YouTube video rank checker tools to check rankings of a video. Here these tools take video URL along with some keywords to check its rank in the YouTube search. In the following services, I have added some online online and a browser tool which you can use to check and analyze rankings of your videos. And if you want then you can use these tools to check rank of your competitor videos as well. However, these tools are very simple and can only check a rank of video on specific keywords. You cannot use this to track rankings of your videos. For that, you will need some advanced YouTube SEO tools.

Ranking is a very important aspects for your online content. Whether it is a website, a blog, an app or a video. You need to keep checking its rank and then optimize it to make it appear higher in the user search queries. And using the tool I have listed below, you can see how your videos are doing on YouTube. If some of your videos are tanking very low in the search results, then you can optimize them by using some SEO techniques and analyzing your competitors.

Free YouTube Keyword Rank Checker

3 Free YouTube Video Rank Checker Tools:


YTRank in action

YTRank is one of the best free online YouTube video rank checker tool you can try. It is an open source tool that allows you to check rank of a specified video from a specific region on some specific set of keywords. There is no sign up is required so you just have to input video URL, corresponding keywords and choose a country to see the results. It shows result on its interface and then you can analyze ranking of your videos. However, using this website, you can only see rank of a single video only. If you want to see the ranking stats for multiple videos then you will not be able to do that.

As there is no registration so you can simply start using this service to check rank for your videos. On the main interface, specify the video link whose rank you want to check. Next enter a keyword there for which you want to check the rank. If you want to specify multiple keywords to track the rank then you can do that. United States is the default location in this tool to list the rankings. If you want to get the rankings detail based on your region then you will have to specify there.

It takes a few seconds to process your video and then show you the result. You can see the page number and the position of you video on that page. For each keyword you enter in the input, you will see the rank based on that. But you cannot export this result. You can manually copy it if you want but there is no explicit option to download this in CSV or in Excel format.


YouTube rating

YouTubeRating is another simple and effective YouTube video rank checker tool you can use. This online tool works in the similar way like the tool above does. You give it a URL of a video and then specify some keywords to get the ranking data. You can specify more than one keywords as well to get the ranking stats of your video. It shows the result on its main interface and the best part is that you don’t have to sign up to use this. You just fill all the input field and then see the results, Simple as that.

Go to homepage of this tool and then simply enter all the information required to get the ranking stats. It lets you choose different languages for the ranking criteria as well to get the ranking results. So, just enter all the information and then simply see the result. It shows the rank results on the main page and the you can analyze it. However, just like the above tool, you will not be able to export the ranking result on your PC.


TubeBuddy get youtube video rank

TubeBuddy is actually a Chrome extension which allows you to see rank of a video on one of the YouTube tags that a published YouTube video has. For free, it can only show you rank for the first few tags and to see more, you will have to upgrade to its pro plan. It adds the ranking options in the YouTube’s web interface and there you can use some of the tools to manage your channel. To use this Chrome extension, you will need a TubeBuddy account and then you can start using it. It asks permission to access your YouTube account and analyzes various details about your channel and shows them to you. You can see best time to post videos, exporting subscribers, and some other features.

Install this Chrome extension from above store link and then open YouTube. Sign in using your account and then you will see its icon and there where it shows some options too. Open video and then expand its description box. After that, it will show you some options to manage your channel and see some other useful information. To see rank of a video, simply open a video and then the interface of TubeBuddy will show up. Click on Search Rankings and then it will show you rank of the video in YouTube search based on the tags it has. However, in the free tier, you will only be able to see the position for the first few tags.

Final thoughts

These are the free YouTube video rank checker tools that I have found so far. Use these tools to find the rank of your videos in YouTube search and then take further steps to improve them. All the tools that I have mentioned can show you rank of any video on YouTube and some of these tools even allow you to do other things. So, if you are looking for some free tools to check rankings of your YouTube videos then this post will show you some.

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