4 Best Free Online Pedigree Chart Maker Websites

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In this post, I will talk about 4 free online pedigree chart maker websites. Here these websites let you draw a pedigree chart and export it as an image. You can specify some parameters of the pedigree and then generate chart for yourself. All the websites that I have listed here let you create a pedigree chart for family or for a small population of a certain area. After creating the pedigree chart, you can analyze it or do whatever you want. On some of the websites, you can simply start creating a chart by specifying some parameters without creating an account. Also, on some of these websites, you will have to sign up for a free account in order to use them.

Pedigree analysis plays an important role in a branch of Biology, called Genetics. Basically, a pedigree chart is used to analyze the properties of the different traits inherited in generations. You can think of it as family tree chart but for studying the genetic characters in the family. Also, it is different from family tree as it can also be used to analyze the traits of a small population of a distinct area as well. Just like flow chart, there are various symbols that represent various properties of the individuals.

If you are a high school student or in Genetics field then you have to frequently create a pedigree chart. Be it for the project purpose or for studying a population; you can use the following tools. You just have to reach the chart creator’s interface and use various symbols to create the pedigree chart and link them together. You can easily represent the male, females, children, mating, dominant traits, recessive traits, some other parameters easily.

Free Online Pedigree Chart Maker Websites

4 Best Free Online Pedigree Chart Maker Websites:

Genial Pedigree Draw

Genial Pedigree Draw in action

Genial Pedigree Draw is one of the best free websites that you can use to make pedigree charts online. It also comes as a software but only the online version of the tool is free. And I will be talking about that here. Here it lets you create a pedigree chart by adding different components step by step. With some simple clicks, you can create your pedigree chart and export it. You can add different pedigree shapes and then link them together in any way you want. You can make the chart as big as you want and use the tools like zoom, pan to assist you during the chart creation process.

Using this tool to create a pedigree chart is very simple. You just have to create a free account on the website first and then start creating your chart. Just give your chart a name and then it will take you to the main work space. After that, you can right-click there and then opt to create a family or new entry. Next, you can start using the different shapes to construct the pedigree. To further extend a node, simply click on it and then choose the options that it shows. Keep creating the chart and finally export it as an image. Use the print icon from the top right to export it.

Free Online Pedigree Tool

Free Online Pedigree Tool in action

Free Online Pedigree Tool is a simple yet powerful tool to build a pedigree chart from scratch. Here it allows you to create a free pedigree chart and then lets you export it as an image. Here it takes a list of pedigree parameters from you and then let you create corresponding pedigree chart. In the input parameters, it generally takes the details like chart name, details of other participants generally the proband. You can specify the data like how many sisters and brothers does the proband have, sons and daughters proband have, and some other details. In the end, it will take you the main work space and will show you the final pedigree chart to you. And then you can save the pedigree chart from there as an image.

To use this free online pedigree chart maker, you just have to first access it using the above link. Since there is no registration required so you can simply select the pedigree builder tool and then start creating the chart. It will then ask you the details to create a pedigree chart. So, specify all the details that it asks and then it will generate the final pedigree chart for you. Further you can label it using the editor of the tool. And finally, when it has completed, you can simply export it as an image.

Pedigree Chart Creator

Pedigree Chart Creator in action

Pedigree Chart Creator is a simple online tool that lets you create a simple pedigree chart by taking some information from you. In the information, it generally asks you to enter the list of participants in the pedigree along with their gender, condition, proband and some other optional parameters like date of birth, comments, name, etc.  By default, it lets you specify 5 participants in the pedigree, but you can increase this number as well. And then it will generate the specified pedigree chart for you. However, it will not show you the chart after just specifying the details. You will get to see the final pedigree chart when you export it. This website allows you to export the final Pedigree chart as PNG, JPG, GIF, and as a PDF file.

You can use this website without creating any account. Just reach its homepage using the above URL and then fill out the pedigree parameters. You will see a form like page where you have to enter the details. Some of the fields are mandatory like gender, mother, father, condition, etc. And there are some other optional options as well like date of birth, comment, sort order, etc. By default, it lets you specify the information about 5 people in the form, but you can extend it by adding 5 more rows and so on. Use the “Add 5 row” button to do that. And finally hit the “Create Pedigree” button and then download the final chart.


Canva free online pedigree chart

Canva is yet another free online pedigree chart maker that you can try. Although, it is an exhausting method to create a pedigree chart, but I am still listing it. Canva is a very popular online graphics designing tool that you can use. Using this tool, you can almost create anything including the charts. There are some tools in the editor of this tool that you can use to create pedigree chart and export it. The shapes tool of this online web builder helps you draw a pedigree chart. You can create a simple as well as a complex pedigree chart and then export in the end. However, since here you have to arrange every component in the pedigree chart by yourself so it may take some time. So, if you are okay with this fact then you can go with Canva to create a pedigree chart.

To use Canva, you have to create a free account on it and then start creating a pedigree chart. You can open a blank canvas and then you can start adding the pedigree chart components on it. You can use the shapes like squares, circles, lines, etc. You can use these to build a pedigree chart you want and then finally export it easily. Canvas allows you to export your design as an image.

Final words

These are the best free pedigree chart maker websites that I have found. You can use any website from this list and then easily create a custom pedigree chart by defining certain parameters. On some of these websites, you have to create a free account to get started while on some of them, you just have to go and create a pedigree chart. So, if you are looking for some free online pedigree chart maker, then this list may come in handy.

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