4 Free AMD Overclocking Software for Windows

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Here are 4 free AMD overclocking software for Windows. These software allow you to overclock the AMD GPU installed on your computer to maximum threshold. If your GPU is supported then these software will run successfully on your PC and will help you tweak a lot of CPU and GPU parameters. With the help of these software, you can tweak parameters like core clock, memory clock, GPU clock, voltage, and a few others. You can easily analyze the existing stats of your GPU or CPU and then tweak it according your needs.

If you want to increase the overall performance of your PC then you can simply overclock the CPU and GPU. And the following software will help you to do that. After overclocking the PC, your PC will run faster and it will run heavy programs and games much smoothly. Mainly users overclock their PC for gaming and video processing work. And after overclocking the PC, you can revert the changes back to normal using the same software.

It is true that overclocking increases the system performance by increasing the processing speed. But since the new settings will instruct the GPU or CPU to run at high clocks then it will generate more heat. And if there is no proper cooling then the board and other neighbor peripherals may get damaged. So after overclocking, you will have to make sure that your PC receives more cooling from the surroundings.

5 Free AMD Overclocking Software for Windows

4 Free AMD Overclocking Software for Windows:

MSI Afterburner

MSI Afterburner free overclocking software

MSI Afterburner is one of the best free AMD overclocking software for Windows. You can use it to overclock your PC easily and with different profiles. It will show you the current clocking parameters on its main interface and options to change their values. It allows you to change the overclocking parameters like fan speed, memory clock, core clock, power limit, core voltage. However, it depends on the installed card in your computer which features can be controlled by this software. It works with most AMD card which are new and old and it not just limited to AMD only. It supports Nvidia graphic cards as well. You can see my recent post about some other overclocking software that support Nvidia cards here.

Install this software after downloading and then simply open it. It has an intuitive interface and you will find all the options on its main window. When you run it for the first time, it will show you current clocking parameters. To change any of them, simply use the different sliders that are given after each parameter. Simply change the values of the different GPU settings and save the changes. Additionally, you can create custom profiles here for different situations. And you can activate them whenever you need them. Currently, it supports 5 custom profiles that you can create and execute whenever you want.

Sapphire Trixx

sapphire trixx free amd overclocking tool

Sapphire Trixx is a dedicated AMD overclocking tool for Windows that you can use. It supports lots of Radeon cards with Sapphire branding but works with almost all AMD video cards as well. You will find the interface of this software like the above one and will be able to control a lot of parameters of the AMD card. This software can help you tweak parameters like GPU clock, memory clock, GPU voltage, power limit, fan speed, etc. You can see the current state of your card and then tweak it according to your needs. And you can change the values back to what they were using this same software.

Simply get this software from above and then install it. Next, run it and then analyze your current settings for the GPU and corresponding parameters. Simply use the different sliders to change the values to target ones and then save the changes. There is no options to create custom profiles, so you will have to manually adjust the parameters each time you need to overclock your computer.

EVGA Precision XOC

EVGA Precision XOC

EVGA Precision XOC is another AMD overclocking software that you can use on a Windows PC. You can use it to tweak the various GPU parameters like the above software. And apart from AMD, you can use this software to tweak the Nvidia GPU clocking parameters as well. It allows you to quickly overclock the parameters like memory clock, GPU clock offset,  power target, temperature target and some others. You can quickly change these parameters and apply changes to your system. It supports different profiles that you can create in it (up to 10) with different overclocking values. And you can activate them in one click whenever you need them.

After installing the software, simply open it up and see current overclocking values. You can analyze the current settings and then tweak them according to your needs. From its digital clock like UI, you can change the settings using the different sliders corresponding each overclocking parameters. After that, you can save the changes and apply them to your system, Also, you can create custom profiles and then use them according to your work.

AMD Ryzen Master

AMD Ryzen Master free AMD overclocking software

AMD Ryzen Master is yet another free software that you can try to audit and overclock GPU of your PC. It is an official dedicated tool for AMD CPUs and GPUs that allows you to tweak a lot of parameters. This is actually an advanced software that allow users to change the processor parameters in real-time. You can alter almost any factory setting of your AMD device rather than just using the default prescribed ones.

There are different sections in it to see the status of the device and options to tweak the overclocking parameters. It lets you create custom profiles in it and you can apply them whenever you want. And there is an explicit Reset option is gives that you can use to restore the factory settings in case something goes wrong or you don’t understand what to do next.

You can download¬†this software from AMD’s website using the above link and use it in the same way as other software in this list. However, due to lacking of AMD Ryzen processor, I wasn’t able to personally test it. But is great tool and a lot of other users have written different posts about it. If you own a latest AMD Ryzen device then you can try this software and use it.

Final thoughts

These are the best free software that you can use to overclock AMD card on your PC or Laptop. All the software in this list support most of the AMD cards and you can easily tweak the different overclocking parameters in a few seconds. So, if you are looking for some overclocking software for AMD then this list will be helpful.

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