Free AI Game to Guess What You Draw on Screen

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The focus of this article is a free AI game to guess what you draw on the screen. AI is capable of doing lots of things that were hard to imagine 10 years back. The potential of AI gets limited by computing power. The development in the technology sector has made AI easily accessible. Now, you can run a heavy AI computation in the cloud and manipulates it on or from a mobile device.

With the help of neural networks and machine learning, it’s is getting easier to run small AI algorithms on mobile devices. Here is a mobile game that uses AI to guess the shape you draw. It gamifies the whole process with a task and time interval. Let’s check it out.

Let AI Guess Your Drawing with this Free Android Game

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Free AI Game to Guess What You Draw on Screen

Ready Set Draw! is available for Android and iOS devices for free. You can get it from the respective app stores using the links given at the end of this article. This game tells you to draw a particular shape on your screen and gives your 30 seconds time to do so. Once you are done or the time runs out, it tries to guess that shape.

free AI game to guess what you draw

This game packs a local database for over 350 items that you can draw. The number gets increased with each new update. Before starting the game, you can choose the difficulty level for the game. The harder the level is the more precisely you have to draw.

ai guess your drawing

When you start the game, it shows a round count on the screen and tells you what to draw. Then it gives you an empty canvas where you have to draw that item. It shows the item name and remaining time at the top of the screen along with a skip button. The more time you take to draw the lesser points you get. Skipping shape plenty your score as well. When you draw roughly the correct shape, the algorithms guess it and moves to the next level.

Get this for Android here.
Get this app for iOS here.

Closing Words

This is a pretty fun game that is nice to kill some free time. It is not that addictive and drawing different shapes might help you improve your drawing skills on the screen. Try it yourself and let us know whether you like it or not in the comments.

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