5 Best Free Bluelight Filter Apps for Android

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Here is a list of 5 best free Blue light filter apps for Android.

You might be aware of the fact that improper brightness settings of your Android phone screen can cause severe eye strain and also continued strain can result into further eye fatigue (itching and burning). One of the possible solutions for reducing eye strain while continuously using your phone is to apply blue light filters to the screen. There are dozens of free Android apps available which you can use to do the same. So, to ease up things for you I have gone through a bunch of them and have listed 5 best free blue light filter apps for Android in this post.

blue light filters

Similar to the core eye protection apps for Android, these apps can also help you reduce eye strain while using your phone continuously for hours. So, let’s get started with the apps.

Blue Light Screen Filter:

Blue Light Screen Filter

Blue Light Screen Filter is definitely one of the best Blue light filter apps for Android. It offers 14 different (blue light) filter colors from which you can choose any color you like while enabling the screen filter. Using this app, you can adjust the screen dimmer percentage and also change the filter intensity (opacity) that suits your eyes by dragging the respective sliders. It even has options to allow filter opacity below 90% and filters on the navigation bar. Choosing the proper filter color, screen dimmer percentage, and filter opacity can help you reduce eye strain while using your phone.

Dimming your phone screen with blue light filters can also save an enormous amount of battery life along with reducing eye strain. Another unique feature of this app is that it lets you dim your screen and apply the blue light filter at any specific time by using the “Schedule” feature.

Bluelight Filter for Eye Care:

bluelight filter for eye care

Bluelight Filter for Eye Care is another useful app for Android which you can use to apply blue light filters on your phone screen. The blue light emitted from your phone screen can cause eye fatigue which resists you from falling asleep. But not anymore, as you can use this Blue light filter Android app to reduce blue light emitted from the phone screen and ultimately gives relaxation to your eyes. This app lets you choose from 7 different filter colors including red, yellow, green, etc. It is quite different from other apps, as it actually doesn’t dim the brightness of the screen and instead adjusts the color of the screen to minimize blue light.

To apply the blue light filter, all you got to do is choose a screen color and press the “ON” button to enable the filter. Similar to the app “Blue Light Screen Filter”, this one also has the option to schedule screen blue light filter at any specific time. You can also adjust the percentage of filter opacity from the range between 0-80%.

EyeFilter – Bluelight:


EyeFilter – Bluelight can also be used to apply a blue light filter on your Android phone screen. This app can assist you to relieve your eyes strain caused by the emitted blue light from your phone effectively. You can choose from 8 different filter colors before applying the blue light filter on your phone. Unlike other similar apps, this one lets you set the opacity of the filter between 0% – 100%. So, by selecting a filter color and adjusting the opacity, you can easily prevent your phone screen from emitting blue light.

One of the unique features of this app is that it has the option using which you can exclude any app from filtering. In addition to that, you can also schedule a specific time for enabling the blue light filter. You can also enable the widget on the home screen such that you can apply the filter whenever you want with a single tap.

Bluelight Filter – Eye Care:

bluelight filter - eye care

If you want to get rid of blue light emitted by your Android phone screen, then you can go ahead and use “Bluelight Filter – Eye Care” app to apply blue light filters with ease. It comes with 5 different filter colors as red, yellow, white, brown, and black which you can easily apply on your screen to prevent blue light. If you use your phone for hours, then it is obvious that you will get eyes strain, but this can be reduced by filtering out blue light using this app. The filter strength can be adjusted manually between the range of 0 to 90 % by using the slider.

You can simply launch the app, choose a filter color, and slide the “Enable” button to apply the blue light filter. Apart from this, it also comes with a status bar icon which you can use to enable/disable the filter with just a tap.

Bluelight Filter – Night Mode:

bluelight filter - night mode

Bluelight Filter – Night Mode is quite similar to the app “Bluelight Filter – Eye Care” and lets you easily prevent your eyes from the blue light released from your phone screen. Do your eyes burn and start itching after using your phone for a long time? If yes, then the possible reason for that would be the blue light of the screen. So, if you want to get rid of these problems, then you can start using this app and filter out the blue light with ease. It provides 5 different colors for the blue light filter, such as yellow, red, black, etc. You can even dynamically set the filter strength to any level between 0-90 percent.

This app also comes with the status bar icon such that you can enable and disable the blue light filter in a flash. But, before using this icon you need to set the filter first. For this open up the app and choose a color, drag the slider to adjust filter strength, and tap on the “On/OFF” button, that’s all.

My Final Verdict:

If you want to reduce and minimize the damage of your eyes caused by the emitted blue light from the phone screen, then go ahead and start using any of the apps listed in this post. Personally, I like Blue Light Screen Filter as it lets you choose from 14 different filter colors and also lets you schedule screen dimmer. No more eyes strain while using your phone for hours continuously, as you can easily omit the source of that (blue light) using these apps.

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