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There are many online services to send faxes for free, but eFax is one of the few services that let you receive fax for Free. eFax Free gives you a free Fax number, and any fax sent to that free number is emailed to you. Totally Free!

eFax is very effective, and simple to use. You create a free account online, and then eFax gives you a free Fax number. The fax number can be located in any area code, and you do not have a option to choose an area code (because it is free). After that, if anyone sends you a fax at that free eFax number, eFax sends that to you as an attachment to your registered email address.

To open the attachment, you need eFax messenger, which is also available for free (and the link will be present in the email that eFax will send to you).

Such a free fax number lets you receive faxes by email, without any fax machine or any supplies. And you can receive faxes anywhere globally by just acccessing the internet.

Here are a few features that we love about eFax Free

  • Simple, and reliable
  • Totally Free
  • All faxes sent to your emails.

Try out eFax Free here. We love it.  If you want to try full fledged version of eFax, you can try eFax free trial. If you need to send fax for free, you can check out these services.

Editor Ratings:
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  • John

    It's not free, they want your credit card info and will charge you after a couple weeks!

    • @John: You might have gone for the trial version, and they need credit card for that. The free version is completely free, and doesn't requires a credit card.

  • radenko

    I can not find offer for free version eFax (without trial). Please send a link to my email or here.

    • ilovefreesw

      @Radenko: The link is present at end of the article.

      • radenko

        You are not right.

        This link don’t exist still.

        Seems that eFax don’t offer it still (offer trial only)!

  • radenko

    Mentioned link is not operational.

    Seems that eFax offer free trial only (no real free)!

    • ilovefreesw

      @radenko: The link is for free efax. it does have ad for free trial, but the form is for free efax.

      • radenko

        You are not right

        Please check now your old link: http://www.efax.com/efax-free
        It is trial only now (not free) !

        They already changed….

        • @radenko: I tried it, and created a free account without any problem (without providing any credit card). I am not sure what are you doing differently.

          • Rob Branstetter

            I don’t know what you are doing differently, Ishan, but the link you gave ONLY goes to eFax with either the Plus or Pro versions offered. There is no Free version being offered that I can find–just like John and radenko.

            Are you in a country other than the USA, Ishan?

            I don’t know about the other two people, but I am using Google Chrome, so that could have something to do with it. Is it possible that our browsers are detecting your link as a phisher link and redirecting us?

            Another possibility is that eFax has put a redirect on that link that you are somehow getting around.

          • @Rob: When you click on that link, do you not get a page like this? : http://twitpic.com/4cbymi

  • Rhoni

    @Ishan, I do not get that page at all. It goes directly to the free trial page. Help would be greatly appreciated.

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