3 Face Lock Apps For Android To Open Apps By Face Recognition

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In this article, I will introduce you to 3 free Face Lock Android apps to lock apps on your phone by face. These face lock apps will use face recognition technique to unlock apps. Some of the apps in my list are extremely secure and uses both voice and face recognition to lock apps. One of the apps in my list even allows you to use voice recognition in combination with face recognition to lock apps from outsiders access. You might have already used some conventional Android apps to lock apps by pattern, gestures, etc but these apps are not as secure as these face locker apps in this article, as they use deep learning algorithms to recognize faces and even detect if someone is using a still face picture to unlock them. Other than that, these Android Face locker apps provides the same set of options like prevent uninstalling of the app, set a backup pin, email, etc. Meanwhile, do not forget to check out this Android app to lock apps by volume keys pattern as it leaves the second person totally clueless about the lock type until he knows the trick.

3 Face Lock Android Apps To Open Apps By Face Recognition
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AppLock Face/Voice Recognition:

AppLock Face- unlock apps by voice and face recognition

AppLock by Sensory is a free face lock Android app to open apps by face recognition. With this app, you can set a face password to apps on your phone to restrict other people from accessing your apps. Not just, the face recognition, the app even allows you to add a voice phrase to lock apps. The best part is that you can combine both the face lock and voice lock to open the locked apps. As I mentioned, this app is from Sensory which is a biometrics company and uses its own voice and face recognition algorithms to detect voices and faces before unlocking. It can also prevent unauthorized access from people who might use a still picture to bypass the face lock and access the apps on your phone by Face Motion Analysis. It can detect face motions to confirm that the authenticated person is trying to unlock the apps. Furthermore, you can prevent this app from uninstalling just as in any Android app locker, but this doesn’t prevent the app from being disabled from the app settings. The ideal solution would be to lock the settings as well.

Note: By default, AppLock uploads your images (used for face lock) and voice data to their servers for research purposes. In order to prevent this app from using your photos or voice data, open its Advanced Settings and disable the “Upload Images & Audio” option.

This face locker Android app comes with 2 different modes to lock apps on your phone i.e. Convenience Mode and TrulySecure Mode. In the Convenience Mode, you can either speak the voice phrase or use your face to unlock an app. On the other hand, TrulySecure Mode requires both i.e. secret voice phrase and your face to get access to the locked app. As per your preferences, you can apply any one of these locking modes to the apps.

To get started with this app, you just have to install this app and follow the tutorial shown during the startup. The in-app tutorial will guide you to configure the voice inputs and identify your face to set it as a Face lock. After you have done configuring your voice and face, you can lock the apps from the APPLICATIONS section of the app, as shown in the screenshot above. Specifically, you can choose a locking mode mentioned above to lock and unlock apps respectively. Now, every time you try to open the locked apps, you will be prompted to unlock the app either by saying the secret voice phrase or you can simply unlock the app by showing your face to the camera. If you are not at the right place to unlock apps by either voice or face then you can setup an additional unlocking method. You can set a pattern, pin or a password from the app settings to unlock apps. The app is compatible on Android 4.0.3 and above.

IObit Applock – Face Lock:

iobit applock-face lock-unlock apps by face recognition

IObit Applock is another powerful Android app to lock and open apps by face recognition. Similar to the previous face lock android app in my list, it can also detect if someone is using a still photo to trick or bypass the face lock. It detects face motions while unlocking an app to make sure that it is not a still photo of the authenticated user. It In addition to face lock, you can also apply a fake lock and notification lock to the apps. The best part of this app is that you can also lock Android settings and switches like WiFi, Auto-Sync, etc. The pro version of the app can capture the selfie of a person who tries to unlock your phone.  Apart from that, it is quite easy to setup, just download it from the link above and then open it. The app prompts you to set a pattern lock to access it. After that, you can see the recommended apps and other apps to apply the lock on them. In order to add face lock to the apps, select the Face lock option from the app menu. Do note that it downloads additional data for face recognition. After the download is complete, which takes quite a few seconds, the app opens up camera to identify you or set your face as the lock and unlock password. During this process make sure that your face has filled the circle shown on the screen and there is adequate light. After this, select the apps to lock by face recognition from the app screen by tapping on the face recognition button, as shown in the screenshot above. I will also recommend you to enable its “Liveness Detection” feature to make sure that no one uses your photos to access the locked apps. Now, whenever you or any other user will try to open any of the locked apps then he will be presented by a face scanner screen, as you can see in the screenshot above to unlock the app by face recognition and which can only be unlocked by your face. In case there is no adequate light to unlock an app you can use the pattern configured at the app startup to unlock the app.

AppLock by Face:

AppLock by Face- unlock apps by face recognition

AppLock by Face by Face is the last face lock app for Android on my list. Just like the other two face lock Android apps on my list, you can use this app to lock apps by face and open them by face recognition. It lets you select any number of apps to apply the face lock and use a backup pin to unlock apps if you are not at the right place to unlock them by your face. You can pretty quickly start with this app. After installing the app, train the app to recognize your face. The process is really simple, just place your face in the oval shaped dotted circle and tap on the Train button. Now, you can select the apps to set your face as a password to unlock them. Select the “Enable Lock Applications” option and then select the apps to lock. Before that, make sure that you have set a pin to unlock if you can’t unlock apps by face. Another exciting feature is that you can choose to lock and unlock Android home screen by face lock as well.

Closing Words:

In this article, I have compiled a list of 3 free face lock apps for Android to open apps by face recognition. These are some modern day app lockers that use deep learning algorithms to recognize faces and only allow authenticated users to access the apps. Unlike some Android fingerprint lockers, these apps don’t support multiple biometrics lock i.e. face or voice. But still, they do a good job and are far better than any pattern or gesture lock apps. My favorite app from this list is AppLock by Sensory as it allows to combine both voice and face recognition to lock apps on your phone.

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