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    No calculator on your iPad? Style it up with the Olivetti inspired Red Valentine
    Olivetti designed many masterpieces in industry, but there is no question that the most iconic was the bright red colored Valentine portable typewriter released in 1969.

    At that time there was no such concept as the mobile office. When the Valentine typewriter hit the streets, people rushed the stores to buy one. Suddenly it was the in thing. Light, fashionable and portable, you would see young romantics writing letters with their red Valentine’s in parks, out in the countryside, and from cafes, anywhere but in an office.

    The Valentine became a star in the popular media when Richard Burton was photographed ariving at Heathrow Airport with the typewriter on one arm, and his wife Elizabeth Taylor on the other.

    Mobile offices are now everywhere. Add a touch of retro 1970’s glamour to yours with this Red Valentine Calculator – a tribute to the original typewriter masterpiece by Ettore Sottsass.
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    I would also recommend FastCalc free. It Constantly displays the formula you are typing.

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    Here is another good one with drag to notepad functionality


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      @John: This is a nice find; we’ll review it soon. Thanks.

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