• JXCirrus

    Hi ILoveFreeSoftware,

    Thank you very much for the review and the feedback.

    We are glad that running the software (mostly) worked for you, and are sorry that some parts didn’t work so well. We would be keen to fix up any of the issues that were found.

    – The issue with the “Edit” function… We haven’t been able to replicate this. If you were able to give us a couple more details that would be fantastic.
    – We have re-tried the folder of images. It seemed to be switching OK (after each time you finish an exercise with all questions correct), but we will keep looking.
    – The idea of a single image as the background is fine, and we will allow that as an option as well. The original idea was that the image would change each time the child finished an exercise with 100% (as a “reward” for finishing). But a single static image would also work.
    – Being able to set your own questions will be available in a future release.



  • JXCirrus

    Hi ILoveFreeSoftware/Sangeeta,

    We have a new version of the software available for download on the website which addresses some of the issues identified here.

    Best Regards,


    • Sangeeta Kardam

      It’s great that you have resolved the issues. Good luck for this new version JXCirrus. :)