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This tutorial explains how to see your public Google Drive files. No matter if the publicly shared file is owned by you or shared with you by someone, you will see the list. For that, I am using a free service, known as “Filewatch”.

Facebook tools

This article takes you through a simple tutorial to turn off Facebook Story Archive. By following a few simple steps mentioned in this tutorial, you can easily disable the automatic backup of your Facebook Stories.


This tutorial covers how to get Instagram notifications on PC for any post liked and commented by some Instagram user. You will see Instagram username in the desktop notification whenever some photo/video is liked or commented. It can be done using a free Chrome extension, known as “WebClient for Instagram”.


This tutorial explains how to import Chrome passwords to Microsoft Edge. The list of all saved passwords of Google Chrome browser can be imported to Microsoft Edge as it is. For this, I have covered a free software, known as “EdgePasswordImport”.

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