5 Free Geography Games You can Play Online

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This is a list of 5 free geography games which one can play for entertainment as well as education. To play these games, you need basic geographical knowledge of countries and their states around the world. Knowledge about the shape and name of countries, states is a must to play some of these games. Some also require the dexterity to identify places based on the image of a given location.

These free geography games will surely educate children a lot in a fun way. I am sure many of you know how boring geography can be when you study it from the books. Instead of staring at a book disinterestedly, you can warm-up your brain with these games before a geography quiz or a test.

free geography games

So let’s check out these 5 free geography games. If you want to try out simple geography quizzes, then I suggest you try out these 4 free world geography quiz software.


GeoGuessr is an online free geography game where the objective is to locate the place shown to you in Google Street View on the world map. You have to pinpoint the location on the world map. Points will be awarded based on the proximity of your guess to the actual waypoint of the location on the map.

free geography games

You can play the single player mode as well as the challenge mode where you can challenge your friends in time restricted rounds. In both type of games, you’ll play only 5 rounds. A good way to score higher on this game is to look for clues in the street view. Clues like banners, posters, road signs, etc that point out the language spoken at that place. The environment of the location will also give you a hint of the location.

You can read its full review here.

Hangman Online: Geography

I am sure many of you have played Hangman in school. This game is based on guessing the name of places and countries. It makes you guess letters that place might have in its name and if you’re wrong then you lose a wrong guess. You can only make a total of 6 wrong guesses following which, the hangman is completed. You can click on the answer to know where that place really is.

free geography games

This game is really simple and exciting. A good strategy to win if you don’t know the word, start your guesses with vowels. There are tons of countries s who’s names include letter A and E. Then you can cautiously choose the consonants to complete the word. And ofcourse, use your skills in geography before anything else.

Traveller IQ Challenge

Travelelr IQ Challenge is an online free geography game where you have to pinpoint the location of a city or place on the world map of different continents. The game shows you a map and asks you to point a certain city on the map. Like GeoGuessr, you win points based on the distance of your guess from the actual place.

free geography games

The thrill in this game is provided by the varying difficulty levels and a really small time frame to make your guess. It not just asks you the capitals of countries, but also famous landmarks and historical events of various countries. To go past level 5, you need to have at least 30000 points. After you complete a guess, you also get to know a fun fact of the relevant country at the bottom of the game.

Map Snap

Map Snap are map based puzzle games where you have to put countries together as a jigsaw puzzle on a continent’s frame. There is no time limit in the game but yes, you are racing against a running stopwatch. To play the Map Snap puzzles, scroll down the page of the link provided. You can choose among maps of Asia, Europe, South America, Central America, etc.

free geography games

The Map Snap puzzles are available on coolmath-games website. There are other free geography games too, but they are based on generic ‘guess the place’ format. You can compete with your friends to find out who can complete the map puzzle in the least elapsed time.

Scribble States

Scribble States is an online free geography game where you have to use a virtual pencil to connect the dots of an outlined American state and identify it. So basically, you get numbered dots on the screen, which need to be connected to reveal the shape of the state. When you have connected the dots, you’ll have to mark the name of the state in the multiple choice question on the right.

free geography games

This is a really good game that can be aimed at school children who love the classic pencil and paper ‘join the dots’ game. Scribble States will help American primary school students a lot in memorizing states of their country.

My Analysis

I tested out these online free geography games and I liked each one of them. I didn’t experience any drawbacks or bugs in any of these games. Among these games, I found GeoGuessr to be one of the most entertaining games, followed by the Geography Hangman. Make sure you guys check out all of them and give me a feedback about your experience in the comments!

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