Free AI Detector Software for Windows to Identify AI Generated Text

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The rise and colossal spread of enhanced AI models has brought along the great challenge of differentiating between the text generated by AI and written by real humans. Content produced by AI can easily trespass academic integrity, mislead business communication and interaction and worse, manipulate public perception that can be extremely dangerous to the society at large.

Experts feel that AI generated text fraud is one of the most critical threats ever faced in the world as regards business legitimacy, academic honesty and more. An increasing number of institutions are coming up with ways to protect them from AI-produced texts so that trustworthiness and human authenticity itself can be safeguarded.

This is precisely why Sherlock AI Detector has been developed. It is a free, simple, Windows based desktop application that is capable of being a line of defence against AI-generated text.

How it Works:

1. Click on this link to navigate to the web page of Sherlock AI Detector, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the corresponding button to download the installer.

2. Run the installer and install Sherlock AI Detector in your computer.

3. Launch the application. Copy the text that you want to detect and paste it in the application. Alternatively, you can click on File | Open and load a plan text file from your computer.

Start Detection

4. Click on the ‘Start’ button and wait for some time while Sherlock AI reads and processes the text to identify its genuineness.

5. Finally, Sherlock AI Detector will give you the Percentage of the Text that was probably written by some AI model.

AI Detection

AI Detection

Closing Comments:

Sherlock AI Detector is a powerful ally that enables your organization and you to safeguard against AI-generated Texts by giving you an estimate about how much of the text was generated by an AI model.

Sherlock AI Detector is a great tool for teachers and educators who desire to preserve academic integrity in research papers, submissions, assignments, tests and more in this fast evolving technologically advanced landscape. This is very crucial since it is the obligation of educators to ensure that all their students are operating on a level playing field.

Sherlock AI Detector is also a potent tool for Businesses since its very important for them to ensure that all the business data is genuine, and the interactions are human-led and legitimate.

Click here to download Sherlock AI Detector. You can also click here to explore 2 Free Tools for Teachers & Educators to detect ChatGPT generated essays and assignments.

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