Practice Psychometric Test Online on These 5 Free Websites

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Psychometric tests have been a part of educational psychology since the 20th century. Nowadays, psychometric tests are also being used as a part of the selection process by employers and recruitment agencies. These tests are used to select the most suitable job applicants. A Psychometric test can measure their intellectual capabilities along with analytical and logical abilities in a specific area.

This article covers 5 free online psychometric test websites. With these websites, you can practice psychometric tests for educational psychology, as well as for job interviews.

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Here Are 5 Free Online Psychometric Test Websites:

Practice Psychometric Test Online offer free online psychometric tests which involve:

  • Business Personality Reflections Test: This test examines your attitude towards various aspects of working within commercial organizations.
  • Verbal Reasoning Test: This test examines your management level verbal reasoning abilities.
  • Integrity Test: This test examines your attitudes towards businesses, management, and workplace theft.

In these tests, every question gives you a situation along with a statement and you have to select whether that statement is true or false. If you are not sure about a statement, you can go with the third option, “Can’t Tell”. Each of these tests has 15 questions. As soon as your mark your answer, they show you the correct answer along with a brief explanation. Here, you can practice these tests to prepare for psychometric test online.

Practice psychometric test online at here.

Psychometric Test Online offers free online psychometric tests for practice purposes. Here, you can practice following types of tests:

  • Occupational Aptitude Tests
  • Verbal Reasoning Tests
  • Numerical Reasoning Tests
  • Inductive Reasoning Tests
  • Personality Questionnaire Tests
  • Motivation Questionnaire Tests
  • Free Armed Forces and Fire Service Aptitude Tests
  • Free Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Tests

These tests involve an assessment each, along with an enhancement survey. You get 25 minutes for each assessment and 2 minutes for enhancement survey. In the assessment, you have to answer 18 multiple choice questions, where each question gives you a situation and you have to select the most suitable statement for that.

Here is a link to take this online psychometric test.

Practice Psychometric Test Online provides preparation solutions for the psychometric test for job seekers. Here, you can practice following tests to improve your psychrometric skills:

  • Free Personality Test
  • Free Aptitude Tests

The Personality Test asks you 25 questions where you have to select whether you agree or disagree with the given statement. In the end, it shows you the results on a graphical scale.

The Aptitude Tests covers Numerical, Abstract and Verbal tests. Each of these tests has 8 multiple choice questions and you get 8 minutes to complete the test. At the end of the test, you get your score along with a list of all the questions. From here, you can revisit any question to know the right answer.

Give this online psychometric test a try here.

Practice Psychometric Test Online offers free test samples to practice and prepare for the psychometric test. Here, you can practice following tests for free.

Free Aptitude Test Samples

For aptitude practice, it offers Numerical, Abstract, Verbal and Mechanical tests. Each of these tests contains 8 questions with a time limit of 8 minutes.

Free Personality Test Sample

The personality test has 25 situational statements where you have to respond to a situation either by agreeing or disagreeing with it. This test does not have any time limit, although, the ideal time to finish it is 12 minutes.

Try this online psychometric test here.

Practice Psychometric Test Online offer free online psychometric test where you can practice your aptitude skills. This test contains 5 Verbal, 5 Numerical, 5 Abstract, and 20 Reasoning questions, which make a total of 35 multiple choice questions. The time duration for the test is 15 minutes. After submitting the test, you can revisit every question and see the correct answer for that.

You can take this online psychometric test here.

Wrap Up

All these online psychometric test websites are free to use. You can take their tests to practice for the psychometric test.

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