Free New Redesigned Browser with AI Features by Opera: Opera One

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Opera One is an early access version of an entirely redesigned browser to take the place of Opera browser in Windows, macOS and Linux this year. It is based on the ideas of Modular Design and will change the way you can interact with the browser with a unique liquid navigation experience that is more perceptive to the user. It is the first prominent Chromium based browser that boasts of a multi-threaded compositor that enlivens the UI in a way that has not been observed in any other browser earlier.

With Opera One, you can also experience a new concept or feature called Tab Islands. They are an intuitive means of managing multiple tabs easily and interact with them. The Sidebar of Opera One provides easy access to modern AI tools such as ChatGPT, ChatSonic as well as generative AI features like AI Prompts and more.

Let us briefly go through the features of Opera One.

Modular AI-Ready Design: The look and feel of Opera One has been completely refashioned based on the concepts of Modular Design. As more and more tabs are opened and additional features are used, the elements in the respective modules automatically adapt and adjust to make more room for each other. The advantages of the Modular Design are most visible in the sidebar and the tabs where unused components are de-emphasized so that more room is generated for the new ones.

Elements in the sidebar too are dynamically adjusted as you keep using more of them so that additional space is created for further AI integrations as and when they are made available. In addition to this, as the extensions that you use become more and more pertinent, Opera One groups them into a collapsible module in the address bar thereby streamlining the interface without compromising the ease of access. The ultimate benefit of the Modular Design is that the interface remains user-friendly and de-cluttered turning your browsing experience into a breeze.

Multi-threaded Compositor: Modern websites are highly animated and interactive but the earlier endeavors to provide a real reflection of this lively environment has often resulted into slow responses and stuttering. Opera One attempts to provide a solution to this problem through its stack by integrating a separate multi-threaded compositor that is responsible for painting the browser’s active elements. This compositor easily handles complex transitions and animations delivering one of the most responsive interfaces that we have seen in any browsers till date.

Intuitive Tab Islands: Web Researchers have found out that the predominant tab design in most browsers often makes it difficult to hop between different sets of tasks. Many users feel exhausted and irritated by how disordered their tabs become and how difficult it is to manage them.

Tab Islands of Opera One is a new feature that tries to address this challenge by grouping tabs that are related to each other into Tab Islands. These Tab Islands can be collapsed or expanded to generate more space and to make navigation easier and simpler.

Tab Islands are created automatically within the same browsing context. For example, if you have a couple of Google Docs that you use at work, they can be collected in a dedicated Tab Island. Similarly, if you are searching for the best fast-food restaurant, the tabs with the food menus, locations and details of the restaurants will be collected in one Tab Island. As you keep browsing and several Tab Islands are created, it becomes easy to distinguish various topics and to toggle between them. Moreover, to make them clearly manifest, the Tab Islands are marked by separate colors and clear borders.

Tab Islands

Opera One also enables you to collect open websites in a Tab Island by pressing the Ctrl key, selecting the tabs that you want to group by clicking on them and then using right-click to generate the island. You can also move tabs from one Island to the other by simple drag and drop.

Create Tab Island

Thus, Tab Islands are a great way of assembling all your tabs into contextual groups easily and quickly without any disturbance in the workflow giving you an impressive liquid browsing experience.

Dynamic Sidebar:

The Opera One sidebar grants you easy and quick access to the most popular features as follows:

Integrated AI: AI Prompts, ChatGPT, ChatSonic and more that easily and infinitely expand your browsing capabilities.


Workspaces: Organize your tabs in customized Workspaces so that your browsing experience turns cleaner, easier, simpler, and free from any forms of distraction.


Players: Organize your world of music and podcasts by getting Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music and more to the Opera One sidebar.


Messengers: Fully integrate messengers like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram and more in the sidebar for a smooth and remarkable experience.


You can easily configure the Sidebar and add more Workspaces, Messengers, Players and other Opera tools by right-clicking on it and choosing ‘Sidebar Setup’.

Closing Comments:

Opera One browser is the start of a one-of-its-kind browsers which dynamically adapts to the needs of the user by displaying only the important features to the foreground awarding the user with a highly pleasant and painless browsing experience.

The interface has an extremely uncluttered and spotless look with a lot of room for the upcoming AI powered extensions and features on the sidebar as well as the address bar.

Apart from creating an intuitive space and room for maneuvering, the new design of Opera One also lays the foundation for a lot of AI based services that will be unveiled in the near future.

Click here to navigate to the Opera One website and download it. Do let us know what you feel about this new intuitive and dynamic browser.

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