Make Synth Loops By Drawing on an Interface: Scribble.Audio

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Scribble.Audio is a free web app where you can create different synths by recording ‘scribblings’ on the app’s interface on different notes. The scribbling are recorded automatically when you hold and run your mouse cursor over the interface. These synths are played continuously in loops and the sound’s waveform can be also toggled to produce different effects. The best part about using this application is that you can download the loop you have created.

Here is an iPad app called Auxy that can create synths, bassline, and drums if you want to experiment with something else.

How to Make Synth Loops on Scribble.Audio

Synth loops can be made easily using Scribble.Audio. Music producers can use these created loops as intro drones to their EDM or Dubstep tracks. Unlike most of the online synthesizers out there, Scribble.Audio does not ask for payment when you try to download the sample you have created.

Log onto Scribble.Audio to use the synthesizer. The piano roll for the synthesizer is placed on the bottom and the control deck is at the top. The piano roll stretches over 4 octaves where its keys can be controlled by the keyboard too.

control deck

The control deck on the top can control the loop length and the sound waveform. Besides it, users can enable the metronome to make a tempo synced loop. Using the metronome becomes necessary when the loop length is more than one. It helps to count the starting and ending of a loop. The waves under sound waveform will decide ‘oscillation’ in the sound. If you choose the square or triangle waveform, the sound will have higher attack in-between. interface

The main part of Scribble.Audio is the interface in the middle. Here is where all the magic happens. It’s like a touch-sensitive control board for sound panning where clicking on the left side plays the note panned left and clicking right plays the note panned right. To play a note, you have to use your mouse and draw on the interface. If you run the mouse from left to right, the note will change its panning from left to right deliberately. You can use this to make many patterns selecting many notes. Loop length also comes onto play here. Selecting 3 as the loop length will record movement of the cursor for 3 beats. Click on record wav file to record the wav file

I made a loop using the sine waveform for a more ‘wobbly’ sound with a small bassline and a lead on the front. Moving the cursor faster increases the intensity of gain of the synth. Here is what the sample I made looks like:


Here is what the sample sounds like:

Final Words

This is one of the most original synth creators you will find online that also lets you download what you created. You can use it to create many different sounds that you can later use in other compositions or just doodle around with it casually. I give this free web app 5 stars.

Try Scribble.Audio here.

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