Free Website to Get Pitch Deck Ideas by Searching in 15k+ Slides

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Search the Deck is a free search engine website to get ideas on Pitch Decks. It enables you to search inside more than 15000 pitch deck slides amounting to 5 GB of data.

A pitch deck also called a slide or start-up deck is a brief presentation that offers an informative snapshot covering key points of your business plans, products, services, financial projections, growth traction and more to potential investors and clients.

The main purpose of a pitch deck is to generate curiosity and enthusiasm amongst investors about a company and this can lead to another meeting with the potential for a discussion on investments. Hence a pitch deck is the first step in the long process.

There are quite a few websites to search for pitch deck slides but often it is difficult to find specific sections such as problem, solution, target, market size, competition and more. Users have to open tonnes of decks and scroll through countless slides to find that perfect one that matches their requirements. This is precisely where Search the Deck offers a difference. It allows to search inside the decks that makes it easy for users to locate specific sections. In addition to this, Search the Deck offers a fast searchable data set that reduces saves a lot of time and increases your efficiency.

How it Works:

1. Navigate to Search the Deck by clicking on the link that we have provided at the end of this write-up.

2. Input the search string depending on what exactly you are searching for. It may be a particular topic or section in the pitch deck.

Input search string

3. The search results will be displayed in real time without the need for you to press Enter.

Search roadmap

Search solution


3. Click on any of the results and the slide (WebP image) will be displayed in full page size. You can right click on it and save the image in your local computer.

Sample slide

Sample slide

Closing Comments:

I used Search the Deck for some time and tried discovering ideas on numerous topics. I observed that the speed of generation of the results is very fast and the quality and resolution of the slides is very good. This website will surely make it easy for start-ups and others to find great ideas on how to create that perfect pitch deck which will strike the right chord with your potential clients and investors.

Click here to navigate to ‘Search the Deck’

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