5 Free Search Engines for Medical Research

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This article covers 5 free search engines for medical research. A medical search engine is great for medical and clinical research purposes. Users can simply search a topic, disease, condition, paper, or anything and find credible medical literature and other resources with ease.

I compiled a list of 5 medical search engines where you can find information and research data on various medical as well as clinical topics. These search engines are powered by a wide collection of medical resources and databases. Four of these search engines are absolutely free to use where you can find research papers, journals, government databases, and more. One search offers free search and information and packs additional features in a PRO plan. All these search engines cover open-access journals and papers which are crucial for research purposes. So, let’s check them out one by one.

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5 Free Search Engines for Medical Research:



PubMed is one of the popular medical research search engines which is maintained by the United States National Institutes of Health’s National Library of Medicine (NLM). This search engine has a wide archive of medical journals and article covering various publications as well. On the homepage, guidelines to use the website along with a list of tools that you can use to search topic-specific queries.

In terms of search, you can type your keyword in the box and select a category for it to get relevant results. With category option, you can search for books, articles, journals, databases, assembly, bio projects, biosamples, PMC, protein, probe, and more. Then, you can sort the results by format (abstract, summary, Medline, PMID list, XML, etc.), author, title, and so on. You can also create advanced filters to precise the query and select multiple results for bulk action.

This search engine also lists other resources which you can visit to collect more data on your query. And, if you want to get all the new updates on specific topics, journals, etc., you can also create email alerts by signing up here.

You can try this free search engine for medical research here.



OpenMD is a free health search engine that is perfect for medical research. This search engine fetches data from multiple sources and includes government databases as well. Just like Google, it has a search tool where you can type your query and get the relevant results. This search tool has two options; one to search for medical Journals and another for the rest of the content. It also has a directory section where you can browse various medical categories for information.

The results of a query give you a card at the top with the best result. This card is accompanied by images and definitions. Below the card, it lists all a few more source with the definition and information on your query. And then, it lists all the other sources it can find on the web for your query sorted by relevance. With so comprehensive results, you can easily get information on almost any medical terms here.

Give this free search engine for medical research a try here.

Trip Database


Trip is a clinical search engine to quickly find high-quality credible research content on medical topics. You can simply run your query here and get the relevant results which you can sort by quality, date, relevance, and popularity. On the right side to the results, you get a list of evidence types where you can select what type of information you seek on the topic.

This tool has a search tool known as PICO which is short for Population, Intervention, Comparison, and Outcome. With this tool, you can create a custom combination of all these entities.

Trip is not completely free; it has a PRO plan that has many additional perks. With the PRO plan, you can use the advanced search, enable email alerts, choose a clinical area, and export the results as CSV file.

Try this medical research search engine here.

Open Science Directory


Open Science Directory is more like an aggregation tool that lets you search your medical research query in various popular databases in a single instance. This tool has access to more than 13000 open-access medical journals, articles, and databases.

There are two methods to get information on this website. One method is to use the search tool and another is to browse the directory by subject or title. The search tool gives you further options to refine your query to get more relevant results. After typing the keyword, you can choose “Contains”, “Begins with”, or “Exact Match” and get the results. In the results, you also get options to get journals or books results.

Use this medical research search engine here.


search for medical images

Unlike any other search engine on this list, Grepmed is a unique photo-based clinical search engine. Instead of showing you journals, books, articles, etc., this tool fetches the medical images in the results. The main purpose of this tool is to help professionals with clinical research using photos.

This tool has a search option where you can type your keyword and get photos of reports, x-rays, algorithm analysis, medical conditions, visual abstract, and much more. You can bookmark photos from the results and add them to your collection for later analysis. Apart from the search tool, you can also use the browse feature to go through various medical and clinical categories to get relevant visual information.

Try this photo-based medical research search engine here.

Wrap Up

These are the 5 free search engines for medical research. You can simply run your query on these search engine and get high-quality credible information for your research.

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