Free Online PSD Inspector for UI Designers: Marsy

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This article covers a free online PSD inspector for UI designers. Being a vector graphics file format, PSD files are used in the user interface and other frontend designs. In order to use a PSD file, designers have to create the rest of the code around it, and to do that designers should be aware of the elements of the PSD files. Apart from Adobe Photoshop, there are only a handful of tools with PSD file support and most of those don’t show in-depth information. That’s where Marsy comes in.

Marsy is an online inspector of PSD files. This online tool is designed for layout designers to help them get insights into the PSD files. As a Marsy user, you can upload your PSD files and manage them under projects. This tool analyzes the PSD files and then shows layers, design elements, the distance between elements, and more. You can inspect each and every layer of the PSD, copy texts, colors, and download images and other design elements in bulk.

Free Online PDF Inspector for UI Designers: Marsy

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Free Online PSD Inspector for UI Designers: Marsy

Marsy makes it simple to inspect a PDS file online within a few simple steps. All you have to do is upload your PSD files and Marsy takes care of the rest. To get started with Marsy, visit the website and click the profile icon from the top right corner and register for a new account. After logging into the account, head to the navigation panel on the left side, and click the first option that takes you to the ‘Projects’.

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In the ‘Projects’ section, create a new project, and give it name and description. When you do that, new project appears in the section now click it to open. Under the project, you get an option to add a layout. Click that button, it opens layout options in the project. Enter a name for the layout and click the “Add File” button and upload the PSD file. You can upload multiple files as layouts under a project.

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Once the PSD file is uploaded successfully, it takes a few minutes to process the file and then you can get the results. You can click on the layout to view it. Doing this opens the file in the advanced viewer where you can get the following information:

  • Element Styles
  • Layers
  • Download Images/SVGs from Layers (single and batch)
  • Distance between Elements
  • Copy Texts and Styles
  • Set Variables with any complexity

Closing Words

Marsy is a handy tool for frontend developers as well as any individual who deals with PSDs files for designs. With this tool, you can get almost any type of information about PSD files without the need for dedicated software. And the best part is that it’s all free. Give it a try and share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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