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PUSH. Invoicing is an Electronic Invoicing and File Delivery platform for Digital Goods. It allows business users to include the Digital files in their Invoices and gives the clients the facility to make sure everything is fine before releasing the payment.

PUSH is available as a Web as well as Mobile App. The links for these are provided at the end of this article.

Digital goods are those that are stored, shipped and delivered in the electronic format. They are shipped electronically by way of email to be downloaded from the Internet. Generally, when a customer purchases digital goods online, the item that has been purchased is sent as an email attachment or a downloadable file link after the payment has been received by the merchant.

Push. Invoicing revolutionizes this method by allowing businesses to include the digital goods with their invoices so that the clients can be rest assured about the product. Businesses too are protected because the invoice must be fulfilled by the buyer before the files are released for download. Clearly, it’s a win-win situation for both of them.


Business Statistics: Push. Invoicing provides detailed statistics of your account so allowing you to track orders, payments, queries and more easily and efficiently.

Invoicing: The Free subscription allows you to raise a maximum of 15 invoices that is sufficient to understand and have a look and feel of the product.

File Delivery: You can upload your Digital Goods on the PUSH. cloud for digital delivery to the clients. In addition, the application is also compatible with other popular Cloud Services such as Google Drive, Dropbox and Microsoft OneDrive.

Client Management: You can manage all your Clients, Projects, File delivery, Invoices and more from a single Dashboard platform that is easy to use and navigate.


The PUSH. Invoicing Interface is very simple and easy to navigate. The vertically placed Side Panel provides an easy link to the Main Dashboard. It also houses the links to Manage your Clients, Invoices and Digital Goods (Files).

The Main Dashboard is the principal environment from where you can keep track of the financial aspects of your Business such as Dues, Collections, Outstanding etc. Additionally, you can manage your Clients, File delivery and more from this Dashboard.


With the Mobile Version of PUSH, you can track your invoices, capital flows and file delivery from anywhere in the world with notifications for every action.

How it Works:

1. Navigate to the PUSH Web Application using the link provided at the end of this article, create a Free Subscription Account and Sign

2. Complete your Profile by filling the Business and Banking details. You will be able to use this application and raise Invoices only after your banking details are correctly verified.

3. Click on the ‘+’ sign at the top right of the Dashboard and click on ‘Add Client’. Type all the details pertaining to the Client such as Company name, Email, Phone number, Business type, Address and more and click on ‘Save’.

Add client


4. Next, click on the ‘+’ sign start by creating a Project. Fill all the details such as Project name, Type, Client, Description, Start & End date and more. In the ‘Billing Details’ tab, select the Billing Type, fill the Payment date etc and Save the Project.

Add Project Details

Add Project Billing Details

5. Click on Google Drive, DropBox etc. to connect with them using the Login credentials of the account that houses your Digital Goods.

6. Click on Invoices to Generate, View and Manage all your Invoices.


7. Click on Files to upload and manage your digital goods.

Add Files


Push. Invoicing is a very good platform for Electronic Invoicing and Delivery of Digital Goods. It solves a very important and basic issue by allowing the customers to ensure that all the digital goods are fine before they make the payment.

Since the Banking Details have to be verified with regards to the Business Establishment, I was not able to produce certain screenshots of the steps involved in its working. Nevertheless, the process is very simple and straightforward.

Click here to head towards Push. Invoicing.

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