Free AI Drawing Prompt Generator for Artists

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This post covers a free AI drawing prompt generator for artists. This year has been the year of AI tools and LLMs. There is an abundance of AI tools available on the internet facilitating users to take advantage of AI in various types of tasks. While many tools simply streamline the workflow, there are plenty of tools to play around for artistry and creation.

Tools like Midjourney and DALL-E use prompts for the input. Based on the prompt, it uses its capabilities to generate an output. The better the prompt the better the results. You have to use good detailed prompts to take full advantage of AI image-generation tools. Drawing Prompt is a free tool that can help you generate AI-enhanced prompts for drawing.

What is AI Drawing Prompt?

A drawing prompt is a regular text prompt that includes more drawing and artistic elements in it. It helps you to provide a better and more detailed prompt to an image generator tool.

Free AI Drawing Prompt Generator for Artists

How to use the AI Drawing Prompt Generator?

Drawing Prompt offers three tools that you can use for free. Let’s check these tools in detail one by one.

Expand Prompt

This tool transforms your simple words into a prompt. It generates a more sophisticated prompt from a short input. You can define what you want in a few simple words and this tool expands that into a detailed creative prompt. Then you can use that prompt with any AI image generator for better results.

Random Prompt

This tool is for the time when you feel stuck or bored. It generates a random prompt with a click. The tool has two model variants to choose from. In each case, you can the number of tags and artist references you want to include in the prompt. The tool gives you a randomly generated unique and engaging prompt.

Generate Image

This is an image generation tool where you can add a prompt and generate an image from that. It uses the sophisticated SDXL model and has additional inputs. Alongside the prompt, you can sample steps, CFG scale, seed, and dimensions. Based on the prompt, the tool takes some time to generate an image that you can download and share.

Closing Words

Drawing Prompt is a nice tool that can help you come up with unique and artistic prompts for AI image generation. The tool focuses on the drawing and artistic approach which markets it to artists and designers. You can use it to enhance your prompts for specific output and generate random prompts for unique output. The included image generator tool allows you to test the prompt right away with surprisingly good results.

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