10 Best Websites For Online Text Encryption Decryption

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This article talks about 10 websites for online text encryption decryption. With the help of these websites, you can easily encrypt text. Then, you can share that encrypted text with others. No one will understand it until they decrypt it. And to decrypt that text, one may or may not need the password, depending upon the type of encryption. You can share that information with the person you want, in order to decrypt your text.

You can also do text encryption offline in Windows and here is a List Of Best Free Text Encryption Software. And, if you need file encryption instead of text, you can check out these Free File Encryption Software For Windows.

All these websites have easy and straightforward encryption process. Each of these give you strong encryption using various methods. Let’s discuss these encryption websites one by one and see what they offer.

Here Are The Best Free Online Text Encryption Decryption Tools:


Textmechanic.com is a website with an Online Text Encryption Generator Tool. With the help of this tool, you can easily encrypt and decrypt text. This encryption tool is very straightforward and has easy to navigate user interface. Here, you can also add a password during encryption. Later, when someone tries to decrypt that text, he/she will have to enter that password for decryption. This password feature is optional though; just leave it blank if you don’t want to use a password.

encryption decryption

The decryption process is similar to encryption. Paste the encrypted text in the textbox, enter the password if any, and click Decrypt Text button instead of Encrypt Text button.

Apart from encryption and decryption, this website also lets you download your encrypted text as file. You can also load encrypted file here for decryption. With all these features, this encryption tool has its cons. It doesn’t show which encryption algorithm or encryption mode it uses. So, to decrypt an encrypted file, you have to come back to this tool. The encrypted text file doesn’t contain any info beyond the encrypted text. So, if you send this encrypted file to someone, he wouldn’t know how and where to decrypt it, until unless you specify that.


Infoencrypt.com is another encryption tool which does encryption offline. It uses client-side encryption which means it encrypts your data within your browser without sending it to the servers. This “Browser Encryption” is done via JavaScript, so make sure Java is enabled. Once Infoencrypt.com website is completely open in your browser, you can even get disconnected from the Internet and still do the encryption. This website uses AES Encryption with a Random Vector for strong encryption (The encrypted results are encoded in Base64). All this is done for safety and privacy.

encrypt decrypt

The text encryption and decryption process is pretty easy, paste your text into the text box, enter your password and it’s done. This online text encryption and decryption tool do add info in the encrypted file. It tells encryption info like encryption algorithm and mode, along with a URL to the website.

text encryption online

However, you can upload your encrypted file to cloud and generate a unique public link to your message. A person with that link can see your encrypted message but he/she would need the password to decrypt it. This URL will be valid for 90 days, after that your message will be automatically deleted.


The next website in the list is Tools4noobs.com. This website has various online tools for various tasks, encryption and decryption tools are one of those. Unlike others, this website has separate tools for encryption and decryption; Online Encryption Tool and Online Decryption Tool. These tools use mcrypt_encrypt() function in PHP to serve their purposes.

encryption algorithms

This text encryption tool offers 19 Encryption Algorithms and 8 Encryption Modes to select from. If you get confused by all these options, don’t worry. This website has a manual which will help you to decide what options to choose. In this online encryption tool, you also have options for output encoding. You can choose Hexa or Base64 for encoding output.

encoding hexadecimal


The next entry in this list of online text encryption and decryption websites is Codebeautify.org. This website has lots of online tools from various viewers, converters, and editors. For text encryption and decryption, it has a tool named Online Encryption Decryption String. With the help of this tool, you can encrypt/decrypt text string pretty easily.

online encrypt decrypt

The user interface is fairly neat and simple. You can select different Encryption Algorithms and Encryption Modes for text encryption. The encrypted text will be shown in a text box, right below to your message; you can copy it from there. The encryption is done online on the server.


Aes.online-domain-tools.com is a website with a collection of online domain tools. AES – Symmetric Ciphers Online is one of them which is used for text encryption and decryption. Unlike others, this tool uses only symmetric functions for encryption. It has an option to specify input type, where you can specify plaintext or hex type. Here, along with various encryption functions and modes, you can also define an Initializing Vector. Its a string of pairs of characters which adds an extra layer of security.

text encryption

You can generate two type of links to your encryption. You can generate a Runlink for encryption and decryption which will run the same arguments as yours. The other is Permalink, where you can generate a link to the results with an expiration date. You can set the expiration date up to 3 months.

You can also download the encrypted file for your text. And by selecting Input Type as File, you can upload an encrypted file and decrypt it by entering the Key and Initialization Vector.

text decryption


Webnet77.net is a website that provides web hosting solutions. It has an online encryption tool named Blowfish Encryption and Decryption. This tool uses Blowfish Encryption Algorithm for encryption with a key size up to 56 bytes. It encodes the encrypted output in Hexadecimal. The output is shown in two different text boxes; one with capital alphabets and another with small alphabets.

encryption modes

The feature that differentiates it from others is that it adds extra bytes to your key and output for extra strong encryption. Also, you can specify a characters break point for the output. This breaks your output hexadecimal text according to that breakpoint.


Mynikko.com has an Online Text Encryption/Decryption Tool for text encryption and decryption. This tool is very simple with limited options. It has 3 Encryption Algorithms to select from with 2 Encryption Modes. Apart from that, you can specify Padding, which obviously adds an extra layer to the encryption. This tool doesn’t have any option for link generation or to download the encrypted file.

encryption padding


Crypo.com is a website that is specifically designed for text encryption and decryption. It has a huge collection of different encryption ciphers. Instead of giving you algorithm and mode drop-downs, it has an individual option for each algorithm and mode. Once you open a cipher, it shows you various other ciphers with the same algorithm and different modes.

encryption ciphers

As the algorithm and mode are also selected, you get a neat and clean encryption/decryption screen. Here, enter your text that you want to encrypt along with a password and click encrypt for encryption. Similarly, you can decrypt an encrypted message. Note that you have to remember the encryption cipher because it doesn’t add any encryption information in the output and this website has lots of ciphers.



V4.cryptii.com is another website on this list. This website has various encryption ciphers that include Morse Code, Hash Function, and Enigma (yes, same Enigma from the time of WWII). Enigma is very strong encryption cipher. This website doesn’t have an option for a password or key though.


For encryption, enter your text in either box present left or right. Click Encode in the middle box then select and tune your encryption cipher. The encrypted output is shown in the other box. The default output encoding is Base64 and you can change it to Hexadecimal if you want. This website also doesn’t have any link generation option like others. You have to copy-paste your encrypted output and note down the cipher parameters.


Sela.io is a website with Online Encryption & Decryption Tool with PGP Key. PGP stands for Pretty Good Privacy. To use this tool, first of all, you have to generate PGP Keys by entering your email id and a password. It generates a Public PGP Key and a Private PGP Key for you. These PGP Keys are used for encryption and decryption.

pgp key

Now, for encryption, you have to enter your Public PGP Key along with the text message that you want to encrypt.

pgp encryption

And, for decryption, you have to enter your Private PGP Key and the password along with the encrypted text. The Keys and encrypted text are rich in information that help to differentiate those from one another.

online text encryption and decryption

Closing Words:

All these online text encryption and decryption websites covered in this list are easy to use. Infocrypt.com and Sela.io give you security and privacy by using client-end encryption and PGP Keys. Its time you try them yourself and tell us which one works for you.

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