5 Online Photo To Drawing Converter Websites Free

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This article talks about 5 free online photo to drawing converter websites.

With these websites, you can convert photo to drawing online within a minute. You can easily make pencil drawings as well as colorful drawings of your photo.

All you have to do is simply upload your photo, select a drawing style or drawing effect. To further customize the drawing, some of these websites, let you adjust the drawing intensity/sensitivity whereas others offer additional options like fade edges, add frames, background color, etc. After making the drawing, you can save it to your computer.

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Here Are 5 Free Online Photo To Drawing Converter Websites:


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PictureToPeople is a free website with a vast collection of photo effects editors, photo editing tools, text generators and more. You can easily convert photo to drawing using its ‘Drawing Effect Editor‘. This effect editor features six different drawing effects. You can use any of these effects for your drawing. Simply upload your photo there and select the desired effect. You can also add outline stroke and contour stroke to your drawing as well. After that, click ‘Generate‘ to make your drawing. This will give you an image of your drawing which you can save as a PNG image file.

Try this online Photo to Drawing converter here.


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SnapsTouch is a free online image editor. It offers free tools to create drawings, paintings, sketches, canvas, outlines, etc. Here, you can easily make drawings from photos. To do that, simply upload your photo here and select the sensitivity for the drawing. This sensitivity represents the intensity of painting. Low sensitivity keeps more details whereas high sensitivity adds more drawing effect. After setting the sensitivity click the ‘Draw‘ button to make the painting. After making the painting, you can download it as an image.

Try SnapsTouch‘s online Photo to Drawing converter tool here.


free photo to drawing online

PhotoFunia is another website with hundreds of photo effects which you can use for free. It has over 580 photo effects in its collection. It features many drawing effects, each of these generate a unique drawing effect. I used the ‘Pencil Drawing‘ effect in the attached screenshot. The process of adding these effects is quite similar. First, you have to upload your photo then, select whether you want a monochrome or color drawing. It also lets you select a background along with an option to fade the edges. After that, you can generate your drawing by clicking the ‘Go‘ button and download it to your computer.

You can try this online Photo to Drawing converter here.


online photo to drawing free

Pho.to is a free photo editing website where you can find photo filters, and face retouching tools along with a mediocre photo editor. It has many different drawing filters which you can use to convert your photo to drawing here. In the above screenshot, I used the ‘Pencil Sketch Drawing‘ filter. This filter offers two effects, ‘Pure Drawing‘ and ‘Drawing with accessories‘. You can use any of them to make your drawing. Also, you can add frames, stickers, and text to your drawing as well and adjust the parameters for color, contrast and sharpness correction.

Give this online Photo to Drawing converter here.


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LunaPic is a free photo editing web application. Here, you can edit photos, add effects, borders, filters, animations and more. You can easily convert your regular photo to drawing with LunaPic. To do that, upload your photo to the editor then, go to  ‘Effects‘ and select ‘Pencil Sketch‘ drawing effect. This will convert your photo to drawing and give you an intensity scale to fine-tune the effect. After making the final adjustments, you can save the drawing photo to your local storage or share it on social media directly from the editor.

Here is the link to this online Photo to Drawing converter tool.

Wrap Up

With these online photo to drawing converter websites, you can easily make beautiful drawings from regular photos. Try them out yourself and share your experience with us in the comments.

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