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Word Doctor is a free word processing tool on Windows that content creators can use to improve their writing style and create original content in the style they like. Word Doctor contains a lot of tools that helps its users to analyze their style of writing. So when writers know what they’re writing, they have better control over their skills.

Running late for a submission? Word doctor will help you proofread your work speedily with the text-to-speech feature. This tool also helps script writers and story writers with its writing wizard. The writing wizard helps you set up the environment of your stories, scene by scene and also all the characters of the story.


Even though with all the tools above, you cannot use Word Doctor to make plagiarism free content. For that you need something that scans content online. PaperRater is a free online writing analysis tool that will keep your content original. So after running your content in Word Doctor, you can review its originality in PaperRater.

How to use Word Doctor to Improve Content

Let’s start with the Analyze Document function to check out how it helps in writing better content. I typed in a well known literary quote from the book “The Time Machine” by H.G Wells and this is how Word Doctor analyzed it:

document analysis

The analysis indicated this sentence was expository with a dash of descriptive elements. On the top, parts of speech of the sentence are mentioned. Word Occurance tab will tell you about repetition of words. With this, you can make sure you don’t bore your readers with overused words. Imagery shows the scenes you create in a sentence while Perspective gives you the grammatical person mostly used in the content.

evaluate writing

You can get more insight on the content if you select the content and select Tools>Evaluate Writing. You’ll receive a comment at the bottom describing where the content can be worked upon. Like most of the literary work, this sentence was identified as overly descriptive. With all that information, you can begin to edit your content to make it better. If you right-click a word, you can view a list of its synonyms. Additionally, you can also check out pronunciations of words.

Thus, these are the tools you can use to improve your written content. But what if you don’t have ideas to write upon, or lack organization in your writing?

How to use Word Doctor to Write New Content

writing wizard character

There are two primary tools in Word Doctor that will juice up your brain. The first one, Writing Wizard will help you fill in characters and scenes for your story. Profiles of all the characters can be created with intricate details.

add scene writing wizard

Scenes can be created where the introduction, purpose and ending of the scene can be established act-by-act. The characters that you had created earlier can be included in the scenes.


The best feature of Word Doctor has to be the Rorschach images in Brainstormer mode. You can access Brainstormer in the Tools menu. Click on Random and you’ll be shown a Rorschach images. These images will trick your brain to ‘see’ ideas which you can write down on copy to the clipboard.


Word Doctor is undoubtedly an awesome tool. However there is one major drawback that Word Doctor includes. Word Doctor does not have a spelling and grammar checking tool which makes proofreading way easier. So whenever you develop a content on Word Doctor, copying it onto a spelling and grammar enabled word processor is a must. Additionally, when a block of text is pasted, the structure of the block is tripped to a single line.Taking all of Word Doctor’s pros and cons into account, I award Word Doctor with 4.6 stars.

Download Word Doctor here.

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