Free Website to Find Expired Domains with History: Domfetch

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Domfetch is a Free Website that you can use to authoritatively search and fetch Expired Domain based on keywords and filters.

Expired domains are those that had been registered by businesses establishments, organizations or individuals but weren’t renewed at the end of the contract or were deliberately terminated for a variety of reasons. If a registrant doesn’t renew their domain name with the concerned registrar, the domain expired after a grace period and may be put up for auction.

Many people wish to purchase such expired domains based on many factors, important among them being the presence of Backlinks. They are the incoming hyperlinks that refer to your webpages from other pages on the World Wide Web. Backlinks are very important as websites which possess them are likely to rank higher in search engines.

Another crucial deciding factor is the Search Volume for the domain name. This gives an idea about how many people are searching for the domain on the Internet indicating its popularity.

There is yet another important factor called Domain Authority that is a Search Engine ranking score developed by Moz. This has a direct impact of the ranking of the Expired Domain in various search engines.

Domfetch is a wonderful tool as it encompasses all these factors. In addition to providing the searchable list of Expired domains, it provides all the above information such as Backlinks, Keyword Search Volume, Whois data and more so that buyers may verify all the parameters before taking a decision.

How it Works:

1. Navigate to Domfetch using the link provided at the end of this article.

2. Search for any expired domain using relevant keywords. Use filters to narrow down your search such as TLD (top-level domain selector), Has Letters, Has Numbers. Domain Drop date and more.

Search and Filter

3. A List will be presented based on your search and applied filter. This list gives a lot of details of the expired domain such as Registrar name, Keyword Search volume, Time duration when the domain will be available for purchase and much more. You can select which columns to display using the ‘Columns’ drop-down at the top right.

List of Expired Domains

4. Click on the expired domain that you are interested to navigate to the details page for that domain.

5. The Details page will provide full information on Keyword search volume (chart), Backlinks, Domain authority score, Alexa rank score, Whois details etc. for the expired domain.

Expired domain details page

Expired domain details page


6. If you are interested in backordering this domain, you can click on the links at the top right of the page. Backordering is a facility that helps to get hold of a domain when it becomes available for registration. This time duration is indicated on the main list page as indicated above.


Domfetch is a very good website if you are searching for Expired Domains with details on their backlinks, domain score and more using Metadata from Google, Moz, Alexa etc. You can also backorder the domain that you are interested by making a payment.

Click here to navigate to Domfetch.

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