Free Headlines Optimizer and Generator for Google Ads using AI

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This is a Free Headline Generator and Optimizer Tool from Poll the People, that can be used to write user-friendly, compelling and effective Headlines for your Google Ads to drive more clicks to them.

Google Ads is an extremely powerful online advertising platform where advertisers submit bids to display advertisements, product listings and much more to Internet users. The ads can be strategically placed in the result pages of Search Engines like Google as well as on non-search websites, Mobile apps, YouTube videos and more.

Google Ads Example

Google Ads Example

You must remember that Google ads are expensive and a lot depends on the Headline of your advertisement as they are the first thing that users see. Experts suggest that the Headlines should be closely related to your keywords and must be action-oriented. Without an effective headline, your Google Ads may not be able to drive the right number of clicks to your website.

This tool helps you to draft Convincing and Compelling Headlines using Artificial Intelligence (AI) backed by solid research. It generates ad texts that strongly appeal to the psyche of users across multiple devices and speaks to them using important keywords.

Just type the keywords and Headline Generator offers multiple suggestions using well-researched AI algorithms. You can choose whichever Headline you like from the choices that are offered to you.

You can also opt for ‘Google Ad Headline Test‘ template from offered by Poll the People. This will help you to get more insights and improve your click-through rate which is a measure of how well your keywords and ads are performing

How it Works:

1. Navigate to the Headline Generator tool using the link provided at the end of this article.

2. Devise good keywords representing your product, service etc., type them in the space provided on the webpage and click on ‘Search.

Headline Generator Example 1

3. That’s it!. the Headline Generator tool will offer you multiple suggestions. You can choose the one that you like after any modification if required.

Headline Generator Example 2

The Free Version limits the daily number of searches for Headlines to 3, without registering for a Free account. If you Sign up for a Free account you can make a total of 10 daily Headline searches. You must subscribe to their Paid plans to overcome all these restrictions.

Final Comments:

After testing the Headline Generator tool, I found that it provides a number of good and intelligent alternatives for your Google Ads Headlines with a decent call to action. You need to choose the one that will most likely help you to attain your goals.

Click here to access the Google Ads Headline Generator Tool.

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