Find Low Competition SEO Keywords from Google Ads Data

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This article covers a simple way to find low competition SEO keywords from Google Ads data. Due to the extreme competition, SEO keywords search is getting hard. Everyone uses almost the same tools to discover keywords and if you are late to the party, there won’t be any conversion from those keywords.

But that does not mean you should stop searching for keywords. Google Ads campaigns are a very useful resource for keywords. If you run paid Google ads campaigns, you can use that data to find low competition profitable longtail SEO keywords. Wonpy is a free service that can help you with that.

This service Google ads data combined with MOZ link DB, MOZ DA, domain info, SERP data, etc. to discover profitable keywords. It finds the keywords that are already proven in terms of performance. And, since it works automatically, you never have to inject any seed keywords to make it work.

Find Low Competition SEO Keywords from Google Ads Data

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Find Low Competition SEO Keywords from Google Ads Data

Wimpy makes it easy to find low competition in SEO keywords. All you have to do is link your Google ads account and then choose your ad account and campaigns to find the keywords.

e your Google Ads data to uncover profitable SEO ranking opportunities

To use the service, you have to create an account first. After that, you get an option to link your Google Ads account. Proceed with that step to connect your Google account. In the next step, it lists all the active ads accounts, picks that account where you want to find the keywords. Lastly, it shows all the ongoing ad campaigns on that account. Simply pick a campaign and then choose SEO country, language, and domain for that. You can also pick multiple campaigns as well.

find low competition keywords

When you connect your account and select the campaigns, it takes a few minutes to process the request and find keywords. Then it shows you a list of long-tail keywords for the selected campaign(s). It shows the followings stats:

  • Search Term
  • Website
  • Clicks
  • Impression
  • Conversion
  • Volume
  • Position
  • Difficulty

These are the Essential stats, you can also switch to show More metrics from the top right corner of the list. This includes Average CPC and Cost for each keyword.


discover historically profitable, low competition keywords with significant search volume

In the list, you get an Action section where you can add a keyword to your To-Do List. This allows you to browse the list with no need to note down the keywords. You can access the To-Do List later at any point and work with those keywords. This service also connected you with professional writers. If you are planning to use a keyword and want unique content on that, you can order an article either from the keyword list or To-Do list. The articles are chargeable accordingly.

Closing Words

Wonpy makes it easy to find low competition profitable long-tail SEO keywords that you can use to rank your website. Once connected, the service works automatically with no need to inject fresh keywords. This way, you can find proven keywords that others don’t know about. Based on the proven keywords metrics, you can utilize those keywords to improve your SEO ranking.

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